Carlton County, Ontario, Canada
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For these entries the following format is followed registration, county, groom's name, age, occupation, his birth place, his residence, his parents' names; bride's name, age, her birthplace, her residence, her parents' names; witnesses, date & place of marriage.

002245-92 (Carleton Co): William Harding, 24, gardener, Devonshire England, Hawkesbury, s/o James & not known, married Jane Sands, 20, England,Ottawa, d/o Stephen & not known, witnesses were C.J. Robinson & Clara Porter, both of Ottawa, Feb. 25, 1892 at Ottawa.

002241-92 (Carleton Co): Thomas Burnside, 22, Blacksmith, Canada, Ottawa, s/o James & Margaret, married Mary Matthews, 21, England, Ottawa, d/o Thomas & Mary, witnesses were Jane & Mary J. Mark of Ottawa, Jan. 20, 1892 at Ottawa.

001817-76 (Carleton Co) Ambrose Apps, 29, widower, laborer, England, Ottawa, s/o William Apps & Elizabeth Denman, married Honora Sharm?, 21, Ontario, Ottawa, d/o Eustace Sharm & Josette Lecue, witnesses were I. Sherwin & Ann Alderman, both of Ottawa, Nov. 11, 1876 at Ottawa.

001818-76 (Carleton Co) Thomas Field, 28, general?, England, Ottawa, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Catherine Dinguel?, 24, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Thomas & Ellen, witnesses were John Hodgson of Nepean & Elizabeth McFee of Cumberlan, Nov. 11, 1876 at Ottawa.

001829-76 (Carleton Co) James Malcolm, 27, Porter, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Ellen Cochrane, 22, Buckingham, Ottawa, d/o John & Martha, witnesses were Gardiner Phillips & Agnes Cochrane, both of Ottawa, Nov. 23, 1876 at Ottawa .

001820-76 (Carleton Co) Ferdinand Ouellet, 27, captain, Riviere Quebec, Quebec, s/o Jean Chrysostone Ouellet & Sarah Gagnon, married Arthenuse Levesque, 20, Riviere Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Nicholas Levesque & Charlotte Danyon, witnesses were Auguste Levesque & Edward LaPointe, Nov. 13, 1876 at Ottawa (R.C.)

001821-76 (Carleton Co) Gideon Paquette, 27, joiner, Ottawa, same, s/o Zephyr Paquette & Vituline Langou, married Mattilde Belanger, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Gregoire Belanger & Marie Rochon, witnesses were Demuse Gravel & Oscar Herbert, both of Ottawa, Nov. 14, 1876 at Ottawa, (R.C.)

001826-76 (Carleton Co) Michael Cain, 26, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o William Cain & Ellen O'Neil, married Anastasia Conway, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Patrick Conway & Catherine Duggan, witnesses were Patrick & Bridget Cain, Nov. 21, 1876 at Ottawa (R.C.)

001816-76 (Carleton Co) Jean Baptiste Rule Desabrais Jr., 25, widower, day laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o J.B.R. Desbaris & Aglace Poirier, married Clea Villeneuve, 22, Rigaud Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Olivier Villeneuve & Christie Lauzon, witnesses were Alphonse Villeneuve of Ottawa & Adele Patry of Hull, Nov. 9, 1876 at Ottawa (R.C.)

001819-76 (Carleton Co) Charles Varin, 27, mechanic, Ottawa, same, s/o Eusebe Varin & Margaret Williams, married Celina Robitalle ("Alphonse Groulk's widow"), 25, St. Colomban Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Etienne Robitalle & Ann Farley, witnesses were Leon & Sophia David of Ottawa, Nov. 12, 1876 at Ottawa (R.C.)

002220-92 (Carleton Co): Alfred Pierre Archambeault, 27, CS?, Terrebonne, Ottawa, s/o Joseph Archambeault & Adele Crepeau, married Marie Louise Gagnon, 19, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o Ambroise Gagnon & Caroline Pageau, witnesses were Joseph Archambeault & Ambroise Gagnon, both of Ottawa, Oct. 6, 1891 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)

002240-92 (Carleton Co): John W. Beggs, 27, builder & contractor, Ireland, same, s/o Joseph Beggs & Margaret Waugh, married Letitia Fee, 25, Ireland, Nepean, d/o John Fee & Mary Wright, witnesses were Robert & Margaret J. Fee of Nepean, Sept. 24, 1891 at Ottawa

002238-92 (Carleton Co): George Evans, 21, laborer, Nepean, Ottawa, s/o John Evans & Margaret Kennedy, married Mary Jane Mulligan, 21, Nepean, same, d/o George Mulligan of Nepean & Annie Nixon, witnesses were William & Sophia Kennedy, Dec. 31, 1891 at Ottawa

002221-92 (Carleton Co): Erie? Faulkner, 24, CS?, Hull, same, s/o Edward Faulkner & Julia Jane McArthur, married Marie J. Augustine Archambeault, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Phillippe de Wily Archambeault & Zoe Cote, witnesses were Napoleon Faulkner & Phillippe de Wily Archambeault, both of Ottawa, Oct. 8, 1891 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)

002239-92 (Carleton Co): Samuel Howe, 25, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o William Howe & Elizabeth Cridiford, married Helen Patterson Farris, 20, Paris, Ottawa, d/o F.W. Farris & Sarah A. Beagle, witnesses were Chaucey Baugh & Sarah Farris, both of Ottawa, Nov. 14, 1891 at Ottawa

002222-92 (Carleton Co): Walter Lussier, 21, Glens Falls NY, Ottawa, s/o Louis Joseph Lussier & Elmire Demers?, married Zorella Goulet, 18, Hull,Ottawa, d/o Ignace Goulet & Henriette Potvin, witnesses were Louis Joseph Lussier & Henri Potvin, both of Ottawa, Oct. 19, 1891 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)

002246-92 (Carleton Co): Solomon Jeaman, 36, widower, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Antoine Jeaman & Adele LePine (deceased), married Marguerite Brisbois, 26, Madawaska Canada, Ottawa, d/o Edward Brisbois & Marguerite Darrier, witnesses were Adolph Dupuis & Eduard Brisbois, both of Ottawa, March 1, 1892 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)

002247-92 (Carleton Co): Victor Harold Lyon, 20, dentist, Ottawa, same, s/o John Lyon & Elizabeth V. Perkins, married Elizabeth Blanche Laurie, 20, England, Ottawa, d/o John B. Laurie & Elisa Barden, witnesses were Robert B. Robinson of Ottawa & Grace Eva Rowan of St. John NB, 25 Feb., 1892 at Ottawa

002249-92 (Carleton Co): Owen C. Merkley, 34, saddler, Dundas Co., Maxville Ont., s/o William Merkley & Matilda Garrow, married Mary Jane Stewart, 27, Glengarry, Maxville, d/o Alex Stewart & Nancy Grant, witnesses were Alfred Holtby & Agnes Norrish, both of Ottawa, 3 March 1892 at Ottawa

002223-92 (Carleton Co): George Roy, 26, widower, none given, St. Joseph Orleans, Ottawa, s/o J. Bte. Roy & Elizabeth Dupuis, married Angelina Foisy, 26, Ottawa, same, d/o Zepheron? Foisy & Josephine LaRose, witnesses were J. Bte. Roy & Zephenon Foisy, both of Ottawa, Jan, 18, 1892 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)

002225-92 (Carleton Co): Augustin Valiquette, 19, barber, Ottawa, same, s/o Charles Valiquette & Domitelle Joly, married Adeline Dupuis, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph Dupuis & Zoe Langevin, witnesses were Charles Valiquette & Joseph Dupuis, both of Ottawa, 7 Jan., 1892 at Ottawa

004720-01 (Carleton Co): Aaron Baker, 27, mica grader, Chesterville Ont., Ottawa, s/o Lorenzo Baker & Christie Ann Rupert, married Grace McLean, 24, Chrysler Ont., Ottawa, d/o Allen McLean & Am--etta Barker, 30 Oct., 1900 at Ottawa

004714-01 (Carleton Co): William Bingham, 22, saw maker, Toronto, Ottawa, s/o John Bingham & Mary Pat--, married Charlotte Lowen, 22, Yorkshire England, Ottawa, d/o George Lowen & Georgina Dobby, witnesses were G & B. Lowen of Ottawa, 3 Oct 1900, at Ottawa

00419-01 (Carleton Co): John Thompson Craig, 37, farmer, Fitzroy Harbour Ont., same, s/o James Craig & Rachel Coughns, married Isabella M. Moorehouse, 33, Fitzroy Harbour, same, d/o William Moorehouse & Ann Barton, 31 Oct., 1900 at Ottawa

004718-01 (Carleton Co): Robert George Gowan, 29, farmer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o George Gowan & Isabella Smith, married Gert. Eva Thompson, 27, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Joseph Thompson & Martha Bradford, witnesses were M. Gowan & Ida Thompson, both of Ottawa, 31 Oct, 1900 at Ottawa.

004715-01 (Carleton Co): Arthur K. Johnson, 43, widower, Carpenter, Carillon Quebec, Ottawa, s/o James K. Johnson & Eliz. Root, married Jennie Weston, 32, England, Ottawa, d/o illegible Weston & Mary A. Midwinding?, witnesses were Thomas F. Weston & Minnie Ward, both of Ottawa, 24 Oct 1900 at Ottawa

004713-01 (Carleton Co): Napolean Jubinsville, 41, widower, driver, Ottawa,same, s/o Squire Jubinsville & Marcelline Lucas, married Josephine Barry, 26, widow, Ottawa, same, d/o Pierre Barry & Marsellus -urcuette<, witnesses were Pierre Barry & Gregoire Jubinsville, both of Ottawa, 29 Sept 1900 at Ottawa

004717-01 (Carleton Co): James Robert Meredith, 30, Manotick Ont., same, s/o Matthew Meredith & Mary Ann Rice, married Ruth Wilson, 27, Ottawa, same, d/o William Thomas Wilson & Harriet Johnston, witnesses were May Britton & Lillian MacFarlane, both of Ottawa, 31 Oct., 1900 at Ottawa

004725-01 (Carleton Co): Richard O'Brien, 32, laborer, Osgoode, Ottawa, s/o Richard O'Brien & Mary Moran, married Lumina Magnin, 34, St. An-- Abbe Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Paul Magnin & Philomena illegible, witnesses were Adnin LeBlanc & Theodora Courneau?, both of Hull, 28 July 1900, at Ottawa

004716-01 (Carleton Co): Cal- Richards, 19, laborer, Castor Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Oliver Richards & Cecile St. Andre, married Kathleen Regan, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o John Regan & Catherine Burns, witnesses were Henry & Eliz Richards of Billings Bay, 27 Oct 1900 at Ottawa

004723-01 (Carleton Co): Charles Sheich, 23, laborer, Arnprior, same, s/o Charles & Christie, married Dorna Wasmund, 23, Ontario, Ottawa, d/o Theodore Wasmund & Eliz. Budanch, witnesses were F. Ohaman of Arnprior & Paulina Franske of Ottawa, 23 March, 1900 at Ottawa

004721-01 (Carleton Co): Joseph B. Wemp, 31, bookkeeper, Bridgewater Ont., Toronto, s/o William B. Wemp & Jane A. McKay, married Jessie M. West, New Brunswick, not given, d/o Henry A. West & Jennet McBain, witnesses were Miss Bissonette & T.S. McMurray, both of Ottawa, 2 Feb 1900 at Ottawa

004722-01 (Carleton Co): Eanis C. Woodley, 25, farmer, Ontario, Osgoode, s/o John Woodley & Dianipha Nyast?, married Annie Truman, 19, "Inland", Janeville, d/o George Truman & Eliza Macooye, witnesses were George Macooye & Mary Truman, both of Russell Ont., 22 July 1900, at Ottawa

004712-01 (Carleton Co): Thomas James Kealey, 27, confectioner, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Patrick Kealey & Ann Mahoney, married Mary Eliza Daly, 28, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Timothy Daly & Mary Conway, witnesses were John Daly & Rose Ray, both of Ottawa, 28 July, 1901 at Ottawa (R.C.).

005772-74 (Carleton Co): William Goodenouf Mitchell, 36, widower, bailiff, South Gower, Newborn (?) Leeds Co., s/o Ira Mitchell & Hilda Jones, married Eliza Ann Stevens, 20, North Crosby, same, d/o George Stevens & Lucy Hartwell, witnesses were Rev. W. Burns of Perth & Mrs. Colton of Carleton Place, 8 Sept 1874 at Carleton Place

002042-93 (Carleton Co): Jeremiah Enright, 38, widower, tin smith, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Jeremiah Enright & Ann O'Boyle, married Annie Wiggins, Canada, Ottawa, d/o James & Jane Ann, witnesses were Michael O'Neill & Anne McLinden, April 18, 1893 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)

002557-94 (Carleton Co): Joseph Enright, 24, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Patrick Enright & Emilie Barrie?, married A--? Pechette, 21, Hull, Ottawa, d/o Alphonse Pechette & Adele Prevost, witnesses were Audin? Enright & Pierre Chounard, both of Ottawa, Nov. 7, 1894 at Ottawa.

005989-1905 (Carleton Co): Thomas Kerr, 39, labourer, widower, Belfast Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Christopher Kerr & Jane Shepard, married Mary Jane Ford, 40, widow, Co Tyrone Ireland, Ottawa, d/o John Taylor & Eliza Curry; witnesses were Christopher Kerr, Clara Raby, of Ottawa. 12 Oct 1905 at Ottawa.

005990-1905 (Carleton Co): Duplicate see also 005953. Robert Ernest Pitt, 30, ins. agent, Fort Conlosyes ?, Ottawa, s/o Alex Pitt & Marg't Jane Morse, married Florence E Marg't Abbott, d/o John Abbott & Agnes Ray; witnesses were W Young, B McCuay. 20 Oct 1905

005991-1905 (Carleton Co): Eusche Paquet, 34, labourer, Quebec, Hull, PQ, s/o Romain Paquet & Adele Gaynor, married Rosanna Maher, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o Jno Maher & Eloise Aiyer ?; witnesses were Alfred Bergeron, Ernest Bersthe ?, of Ottawa. 3 Oct 1905 at Ottawa.

005992-1905 (Carleton Co): James Proudfoot, 38, cheesemaker, Vankleek Hill, Templeton PQ, s/o James Proudfoot & Frances Bradley, married Maggie Smith, 22, Templeton PQ, same, d/o Al-- Smith & Mary Murphy; witnesses were W Wickhart, Mrs C Lucus, of Ottawa. 11 Oct 1905 at Ottawa.

005993-1905 (Carleton Co): Robt Strachan, 29, plumber, Ottawa, same, s/o David Strachan & Janet Scott, married Bertha Derraugh, 20, Dunrobin Ont, same, d/o -- Derraugh & Elize Baskins; witnesses were Donald N McKellan, Mrs Wm Moore, of Ottawa. 16 Oct 1905 at Ottawa.

005994-1905 (Carleton Co): Morice Witenburg, 23, merchant, Russia, Hull PQ, s/o Abraham Witenburg & Hannah Oxtenborg, married Bessie Black, 22, d/o Simon & Ethel Black; witnesses were Edward Arthur Plaff, -- Sherman, of Ottawa. 24 Oct 1905 at Ottawa.

005995-1905 (Carleton Co): Edward Sadler Brown, 22, Carpenter, Torbolton Ont, PQ, s/o Thos Brown & Ellen Sadler, married Jenny Craig Birtch, 19, Markam, Billings Bridge, d/o John Birtch & Jennie Matchel; witnesses were C R Shore, Hattie E Shore, of Ottawa. 27 Sep 1905 at Ottawa.

005996-1905 (Carleton Co): Hugh James Belfry, 23, - finisher, Ottawa, same, s/o Frank Belfry & Jane Mackay, married Pearl Watson, 19, Cumberland, Ottawa, d/o Robt Watson & Cath. Stanburg; witnesses were A F Lowe, Olive Williams, of Ottawa. 17 Oct 1905 at Ottawa.

005997-1905 (Carleton Co): John Copeland, 26, bricklayer, Canada, Hintonbay, s/o Richard Copeland & Catherine Reynolds, married Mary Kelly, 24, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Michael J Kelly & Mary J Clarke; witnesses were Nicholus Copeland, of Hintonbay, Catherine Kelly, of Ottawa. 18 Oct 1905 at Ottawa.

005998-1905 (Carleton Co): Lewis Kinsella, 22, hotelkeeper, Canada, Campbell's Bay, s/o Thos Kinsella & Ann Bowie, married Cecily Hayes, 24, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Jno P Hayes & Marg't Withers; witnesses were Lawrence McDonell, of Campbell's Bay, Martina Hayes, of Ottawa. 18 Oct 1905 at Ottawa.

005999-1905 (Carleton Co): John Jas Ringrose, 24, merchant, Griffith Ont, Bristol Ont, s/o Thos Ringrose & Annie Groves, married Alice Stark, 20, Moose Creek Ont, Ottawa, d/o Thos D Stark & Maggie Park; witnesses were Aristide Gibault, Jas Gravel, of Ottawa. 17 Oct 1905 at Ottawa.

006000-1905 (Carleton Co): Gustavus Foster Smith, 35, banker, Howell Mich, New York, s/o Wilbrod W Smith & Eliz P Foster, married Florence Ida Leggo, 35, Brockville, Ottawa, d/o John Leggo & Sarah S Pennock; witnesses were W H Pennock, Mary Leggo, of Ottawa. 11 Oct 1905 at Ottawa.

006001-1905 (Carleton Co): Thos Ed Sadler, 21, teamster, Fitzroy Ont, Ottawa, s/o John Sadler & Sarah Ann Barry ?, married Anna Mary Charter, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Wm Hy Charter & Ellen Birch; witnesses were F Ayers, of Bowesville, - A Drummond, of Torbolton. 31 Aug 1905 at Ottawa.

006002-1905 (Carleton Co): Herman Veitch, 25, tailor, Ontario, Richmond Ont, s/o Thos Veitch & R Mallory, married Ida Brownlee, 24, Ontario, Wellington Ont, d/o Jas Brownlee & Mary Ann McCall-?; witnesses were Joe E & Mrs Garrett, of Ottawa. 14 Sep 1905 at Ottawa.

2164-1895 (Carleton Co): James Johnston, 25, Locomotive Fireman, Edinburgh, Scot, Ottawa, s/o Thomas & Maria Johnston, married Minnie Matthews, 23, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John & Margaret Matthews, witnesses Flora Campbell & Rebecca ?? both of Ottawa, 20 May 1895, Ottawa.

2165-1895 (Carleton Co): William S. Gamble, 25, Plumber, Iroquois, Ont., Vancouver, B.C. s/o James & Jane Gamble, married Nellie Howe, 22, Rugby England, Ottawa, d/o William and Sarah Howe, witnesses Mary A. Easton & Charles H. Howe, both of Ottawa, 25 April 1895, Ottawa.

2166-1896 (Carleton Co): William Chauncy Bangs, 45, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Chauncy & Eliza Jane Bangs, married Martha Rebecca Perkins, 39, Shannonville, Ottawa, d/o Edward & Agnes Perkins, witnesses Margaret Ring & J. Harvey, both of Ottawa, 20 May 1895, at Ottawa.

2167-1894 (Carleton Co): George Shipman, Widower, 34, Almonte, Ottawa, s/o Norman & Sylvia Shipman, married Sarah Maria Gibson, 31, Morrisburgh, Ottawa, d/o William C. & Rachel D, Gibson, witnesses L.W. Shipman & Edith Gibson, both of Ottawa, 10 October 1894, at Ottawa.

2168-1895 (Carleton Co): Charles Arthur Parker 29, Commission Merchant, St. Andrews, Que, Ottawa, s/o John & Jane Parker married Laura Harriet Cluff, 24, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o William & Sarah Cluff, witnesses W.A. Hawkin of Montreal & E.M. Cluff of Ottawa, 6 September 1895, at Ottawa.

2169-1895 (Carleton Co): John Duncan Johnston, Widower, 50, Soap & Perfume Manufactor, Thornhill, Toronto, s/o Daniel & Margaret Johnston, married Marge Valleau, 30, Brighton, Ottawa, d/o Christopher G. & Jane Ann Valleau, witnesses Miss. M. Woodburn & Christopher G. Valleau both of Ottawa, 24 October 1895, at Ottawa.

2170-1894 (Carleton Co): William Petman Litt Hinton, 23, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Robert & Jane Sila Ida Hinton, married Olive Deland Pan, 23, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o James A & Catherine Pan, witnesses John A. Hinton & Leslie McDougall, both of Ottawa, 5 September 1894, Ottawa.

2171-1894 (Carleton Co): Horace Irwin Forester, 25, Frustin? Falls, Renfrew Co., s/o Oliver & Dorcas Forester, married Annie Maud Stephen, 18, Hull, Que., Renfrew Co., d/o William & Mary Stephen witnesses Mr. & Mrs. Samuel & H. Myers both of Ottawa, 26 December 1894, Ottawa.

2172-1895 (Carleton Co): Eugene Dagenais, 21, Carter, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Edouard Dagenais & Julienne Lacroix, married Philomene Gervais, 20, Hull, Ottawa, s/o Samuel Gervais & Celenia Champagne, witnesses Joseph Levesque & Julienne Dagrnais, both of Ottawa, 6 November 1895, Ottawa.

2173-1895 (Carleton Co): Peter John Henderson, 19, Ont, Eganville, s/o Hugh Henderson & Bridget McCamphy, married Mary Jane Kelly, 21, Ont. Ottawa, d/o Patrick Kelly & Mary Jane Kenny, witnesses Bernard Kelly & Alice M. Ruddington, both of Ottawa, 25 February 1895, Ottawa.

2174-1896 (Carleton Co): William T. McGahan, 23, Labourer, Irelane, Ottawa, s/o Felix McGahan & Jane Croft, married Julia Flood, 23, Ont. Ottawa, d/o Mark F. Flood & Margaret Bambrick, witnesses William T. Kernahan & Sarah Kernahan, both of Ottawa, 25 July 1895, Ottawa.

2175-1895 (Carleton Co): Arthur Thomas, 32, Labourer, Staffordshire, England, Hull, Que., s/o John & Elizabeth Thomas, married Clara Jane Bebb, 21 London, England, Hull, Que., d/o William & Sarah Jane Bebb, witnesses Meribah Walters & George Demean, both of Hull, Que., 24 April 1895, Ottawa.

2176-1895 (Carleton Co): Micheal Menesipe Deruinville ??, 40, Harness Maker, s/o Lewis & Agene Deruinville?, married Berhilda Aurelia Grant, 26, Osgoode, Ottawa, d/o William & Catherine Grant, witnesses Emma Leroy & Mavesly ??, both of Ottawa, 2 April 1895, Ottawa.

2177-1894 (Carleton Co): Joseph H. Smith, 19, Typewriter, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Joseph & Mary Smith, married Fanney E. Marshall, 19, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Frank & Fanny Marshall, witnesses Alexander R.R. Smith & Louisa Lane, both of Ottawa, 10 October 1894, Ottawa.

2178-1895 (Carleton Co): William Orury McConnell, 24, Wireworks, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o William McConnell and Ann Farrell, married Laura Ann Dallas, Widow, 35, Hampton, England, Ottawa, d/o Isaac Barrett & Annie Carpenter, witnesses Rev. Andrew Miller & Mrs. William Hay<, both of Ottawa, 13 April 1895, at Ottawa.

2179-1895 (Carleton Co): Patrick O'Connor, 32, Farmer, Ont, Ottawa, s/o Thomas O'Connor & May Curry, married Mary Walsh, 22, Ont. Ottawa, d/o John Walsh & Catherine Tobin, witnesses John O'Meara & Catherine Walsh, both of Ottawa, 9 January 1895, Ottawa.

2180-1895 (Carleton Co): James Edward Cregan, 21, Labourer, Ont. Montreal, s/o Patrick Cregan & Mary Ann Lalor, married Mary Jane Lee, England, Ottawa, d/o Luke Lee & Mary A. Kelly, witnesses Robert & Christine Jenkins of Ottawa, 15 January 1895, Ottawa.

2181-1895 (Carleton Co): Michael Molloy, Widower, 35, Carpenter, Ont, Ottawa, s/o John Molloy & Frances Fleming, married Ellen (Costello) Allan, Widow, 31, Ont. Ottawa, d/o Edward Costello & Mary Pentall, witnesses Robert & Catherine Barry of Ottawa, 4 February 1895, Ottawa.

2182-1895 (Carleton Co): Thomas Benbow, 23, Carpenter, England, Ottawa, s/o Thomas John Benbow & Elizabeth Smith, married Ada Ryan, 22, Ont., Ottawa, d/o Michael Ryan & Catherine Moran, witnesses Mathew & Mary O'Connor of Ottawa, 5 February 1895, Ottawa.

2183-1895 (Carleton Co): Edward David Paquette, 24, Carpenter, Ont, Ottawa, s/o Joseph Paquette & Louise Poulin, married Catherine Kavanaugh, 24, Ont, Ottawa, d/o Michael Kavanaugh & Mary Ann Senn?, witnesses Fred Paquette of Buckingham & Margaret Kavanaugh of Ottawa, 23 February 1895, Ottawa.

2184- 1895 (Carleton Co): Wilfred Labelle, 24, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Pierre Labelle & Philomene Daze married Exilda Paquette, 21, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o J.B. & Odille Paquette, witnesses Pierre Labelle & T.B. Paquette both of Ottawa, 30 April 1895, Ottawa.

2186-1895 (Carleton Co): Alexander Foley, 22, Labourer, Ont., Ottawa, s/o James & Frances Foley, married Catherine Akinhead, 21, Scotland, Goulbourne Twp., d/o William & Catherine Akinhead, witnesses Edna Foley & John Sweetman both of Ottawa, 30 APril 95, Ottawa.

2187-1895 (Carleton Co): William Robert Croshaw, 21, Cleveland, Ohio, Ottawa, s/o George & Margaret Croshaw, married Mary Matilda Herskey?, 21, Fasselton, Ottawa, d/o William and Ellen Emily Herskey? witnesses W.T. Muntz & Annie T. Hershey? both of Ottawa, 24 April 1895, Ottawa. (Name could also be Herchey).

003568-1898 (Carleton Co): James Ellison, 32, St. Johns NB?, Goulbourne, s/o Thomas Ellison & Isabella Lyons, married Janet Robertson, 19, Scotland, Goulbourne, d/o John Robertson & Margaret Richmond, witnesses Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hartin of Goulbourne, 17 September 1898, Goulbourne.

003569-1898 (Carleton Co): William Pattau?, 24, R.R. Agent, Nepean, Manawarka?, s/o Henry Pattau? & Fannie Robertson, married Etta Maria Butler, 22, Goulbourn, Goulbourn, d/o James Butler & Sarah Jane Norway, witnesses Howard Argue of Goulbourne & Minnie Butler of Richmond, 6 October 1898, Stittinville.

003570-1898 (Carleton Co): B. Harrison Herron, 27, Farmer, Goulbourn, Goulbourn, s/o Avery Herron & Caroline Saunders, married Harriet Anetta Bradley, 24, d/o Albert Bradley & Harriet Wood, witnesses Charles McGee & Edith Morris both of Goulbourn, 26 July 1898, Hazeldean.

003571-1898 (Carleton Co): Robert Craver Fumerton, 27, Farmer, Beckwith, Beckwith, s/o James Fumerton & Jane Craver, married Mary Smith Robertson, 28, Scotland, Ramsay, d/o Alexander Robertson & Susan Kennedy, witnesses Bella Alluman? & R.W. James both of Ashton, 2 September 1898, Ashton.

003572-1898 (Carleton Co): Seymour Bradford, 22, R.R. Brakeman, Wolford, Carleton Place, s/o John Henry Bradford & Anna Bella Hart, married Ethel Phoebe McFadden, 19, Ashton, Ashton, d/o Adam McFadden & Mary Ann Weedmark, witnesses Lizzie Bryce of Beckwith & G.A. Wilson of Carleton Place, 29 September 1898, Ashton.

003573-1898 (Carleton Place): Dr. Arthur S. Gorrell, 28, Physician, Ashton, Ashton, s/o George Taylor Gorrell & Catherine Fulton, married Ethel Jean Cherry, 22 Ashton, Goulbourn, d/o William Neeley Cherry & Catherine Kennety, witnesses Amie C. Magorie? & William Cherry, both of Stittinville, 28 October 1898, Stittinville.

003574-1898 (Carleton Co): Hugh Buchanan, Widower, 55, Farmer, Goulbourn, Goulbourn, s/o Francis & Margaret Buchanan, married Sarah Hanna, 52, Goulbourn, Goulbourn, d/o Robert & Mary Hanna witnesses John Foster & Ann Hanna both of Gourlbourn, 9 November 1898, Goulbourn.

003575-1898 (Carleton Co): John George Foster, Widower, 50 Goulbounr, Nepean, s/o John Foster & Ann Donally, married Ann Hanna, 55, Goulbourn, Goulbourn, d/o Robert & Mary Hanna, witnesses Ande & Sarah Buchanan of Goulbourn, 9 November 1898, Goulbourn.

003476-1898 (Carleton Co): George Godson Pretty, 27 Farmer, Osgoode, Goulbourn, s/o D. Pretty & Elizabeth Matteson?, married Eliza Ann Garvie, 27, Goulbourn, Goulbourn, d/o John Garvie & Ann Simpson<, witnesses Margaret Garvie of Goulbourn & D.G. Pretty of Darling, 16 November 1898 Ashton.

vol 25 pg 315 (Carleton Co): Hugh O'Neill, 47, clerk, Paris, Campellford, s/o Hugh & Emily, married Mary Ann Keenan, 28, Phillipsburg Quebec, same, d/o Michael & Maria, witn: Timothy & Mary Ann Brown of Ottawa, 21 March 1873 at Ottawa.

vol 25 pg 316 (Carleton Co): Alexander Scott, 36, no occupation given, Edinburgh Scotland, Long Island, s/o George Scott & Elizabeth Black, married Ann Enright, 21, Quebec, Long Island, d/o James Enright & Mary Briare?, witn: Elizabeth Elliott & A. Cleary, both of Ottawa, 8 April 1873 at Ottawa.

vol 25 pg 388 (Carleton Co): Patrick Farrell, 28, laborer, Fitzroy, same, s/o Peter & unknown (died when groom was a child), married Mary Hickson, 23, Fitzroy, same, d/o John Hickson & Catherine Ives, witn: Edward Copps & Elizabeth McMahon, both of Fitzroy, 10 June 1873 at Fitzroy Harbor (Rom Cath).

vol 20 pg 91 (Carleton Co): Peter Kearns, 38, widower, merchant, Cornwall, Ottawa, s/o Denis Kearns & Ellen Doyle, married Mary Ryan, 25, widow, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o David Ryan & Catherine Codd, witn: Patrick Ryan & Fanny McKay, both of Ottawa, 16 April 1872 at St. Josephs RC Church, Ottawa.

vol 20 pg 122 (Carleton Co): Ambrose Apps, 24, laborer, Surrey England, Ottawa, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Margaret McCormick, 19, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Patrick & Bridget, witn: James & Charlotte Regan of New Edinburgh, 27 April 1872 at St. Bartholamews Church, New Edinburgh.

002169-95 (Carleton Co): John Duncan Johnston, 50, widower, illegible perfume manufacturer, Thornhill, Toronto East, s/o Daniel & Margaret, married Margaret Valleau, 30, Brighton, Ottawa, d/o Christopher & Jane Ann, witn: Miss M. Woodburn & Christopher Valleau, both of Ottawa, 24 Oct 1895 at Ottawa (yes, this is a John Johnston, not a James).

William James Murphy, living at Ottawa, bachelor, painter, Episcopal Methodist, married Sarah Ann Booth of Rochesterville, Nepean, spinster, Church of England, married 5-21-1874, clergyman's house, Rochesterville, Nepean by Rev G Jennette, MA, by license , witnesses both of Rochesterville, James Booth & S A Jennett

William James Cuyner/Cigner? of Ottawa, bachelor, married 7-20-1874 Charlotte Sarah Jane Joynt of Ottawa, spinster, clergyman's house, Rochesterville, Nepean by Rev G Jennette, MA, by license , witnesses both of Ottawa, James D. Joynt and August?? Joynt

Thomas Mosgrove, widower, of Ottawa married 9-10-1874 Queale, Isabella of Ottawa, spinster,at St Paul's Chapel, Rochesterville, Nepean by Rev G. Jennette, MA, by license ,witnesses were David Black & Eliza Jane Queale.

002554 (Carleton Co): Patrick Bovin, 24, Lumberer, Roderchville?, Ottawa, s/o David Patrick Bovin, and Mary Arnold, married Jane Evans, 23, Roderchville?, North Gower, d/o John Evans and Margaret Kennedy, wit; Thomas Kornig? and Margaret Ann Walker, 17 December 1894, Ottawa.

002555 (Carleton Co); Maxine Joly, Widower, 44, Labourer, Hawksbury, Ont, Que., s/o Cavier Joly and Pauline Lafervbe?? married Marie Belisle, 20, Ottawa, Renfrew CO., d/o Julien Belisle and Marie Dallaire, wit; Horace Talbot and Wilfred Drummondhill, 26 December 1894, Ottawa.

(Carleton Co): Moyse Semyre, 22, Farmer, S. Gloucester, Quebec, s/o Edward Semyre and Louise LeBlanc married Adeline L. Ecuyer, 23, S. Gloucester, S. Gloucester, d/o Louis Ecuyer and Marguerite Sabourine, wit; John L. Ecuyer and Rosalie Potvin, 27 May 1873, S. Gloucester. (RC).

(Carleton Co): Michael Quinn, 23, Farmer, S. Gloucester, S. Gloucester, s/o Michael Quinn and Mary Connor, married Marguetire Ecuyer, 26, Gloucester, Gloucester, d/o Louis Ecuyer and Marguerite Sabourine, wit; William Quinn and Adeline Ecuyer, 18 February 1873, S. Gloucester. (RC).

(Carleton Co): Margueret Larkin, 22 S. Gloucester, S. Gloucester, d/o John Larkin and Ellen Malone<. Wit; John Brady and Ann Larkin, 12 May 1873, S. Gloucester. (RC).

(Carleton Co): George Elliott, 27, Fitzroy s/o Thomas & Ellen Elliott, married Eliza Conn, 23, Fitzroy d/o Samuel and Martha Conn, wit; Thomas and Maggie Conn, 16 October 1872,

(Carleton Co): Robert Bayne, 26, Farmer, Pakenham, Pakenham, s/o Alexander Bayne and Helen Ogilvy, married Mary Wilson, 21, Fitzroy d/o John Wilson and Jane Haley, wit; Peter Bayne and Margaret Woods, 3 April 1873, Pakenham.

(Carleton Co): George Baird, 35, Farmer, Fitzroy s/o John Baird and Sarah Gourley, married Elizabeth Gourley, 24, Fitzroy, d/o William Gourley and Margaret Nesbitt, wit; John Gourley and Mary Baird, 30 April 1873, Antrim, Fitzroy.

(Carleton Co): William Healey, 33, Tarbolton?, Tarbolton, s/o John Healey and Margaret Grierson, married Eliza Ann Willis, 21, Fitzroy, d/o William Willis and Eliza Jackson, wit; William Henry Willis and Victoria Healey, 25 June 1873, Tarbolton?.

(Carleton Co): Stephen O'Connor, 38, Farmer, McNab Township, McNab Twp., s/o James O'Connor and Martha Anne Paterson, married Mary Behan, 29, Fitzroy, d/o Edward Behan and Annie McMahon wit; William O'Connor and Catherine Behan, 28 January 1873, Fitzroy. (RC).

(Carleton Co): James O'Connor, Widower, 35, Farmer, McNab, McNab, s/o James O'Connor and Martha Anne Paterson, married Margaret McMahon, 21, Fitzroy d/o Timothy & Margaret McMahon, wit; Edward Behan and Mary Buck, 15 July 1873, Fitzroy. (RC).

(Carleton Co): Patrick Farrell, 28, Labourer, Fitzroy s/o Peter Farrell & wife, married Mary Hickson, 28, Fitzroy d/o John Hickson and Catherine Ives; wit; Edward Copps and Elizabeth McMahon, 10 June 1873, Fitzroy. (RC).

(Carleton Co): Thomas Frederic Forfar, 31, Merchant, Ottawa, Pickerine, Ont., s/o William Forfar and Agnes McLevin?, married Ruth Adelia Fraser, 24, Fitzroy d/o Thomas Fraser and Maria Tucker, wit; Andrew Holland of Ottawa and Maria Louise Fraser, 11 September 1873, Antrim, Fitzroy.

(Carleton Co): John Fulford, 30, Farmer, Clarendon, Clarendon, s/o John Fulford and Janet Gibson, married Margaret Morris, 20, Clarendon, Clarendon, d/o James Morris and Margaret Leitch, wit; Colin Dow and Agnes Fulford, 22 October 1873, Fitzroy.

(Carleton Co): Joseph Dix, 31, Captain, Kingston, Ont., Kingston, Ont., s/o Joseph and Margaret Dix, married Martha Ann Jones, 21, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Thomas and Elizabeth Jones, wit; Thomas Pratt and Hannah Jones, 4 March 1873, Ottawa.

(Carleton Co): George Albert Mitchell, 30, Agent, Almonte, Boston, Mass., s/o George & Rachel Mitchell married Susan Wheatley, 22, Ottawa, Ireland, d/o Robert & Mary Wheatley, wit; G.H. Meally and Lydia Riddick, 10 March 1873, Ottawa.

(Carleton Co): Hugh O'Neill, 47, Clerk, Campbelford, Paris, s/o Hugh & Emily O'Neill, married Mary Ann Keenan, 28, Philipsburg, Philipsburg, d/o Michael and Maria Keenan, wit; Timothy and Mary Ann Brown, 21 March 1873, Ottawa.

(Carleton Co): Henry Octavis Robinson, 36, Surveyor, Wakefield, Scotland, s/o Nelson George and Caroline Robinson, married Mary Boon, 30, Hull, Que., Hull, d/o William & Jane Boon, wit; Edward Robinson and Ann Dennison, 20 March 1873, Ottawa.

(Carleton Co): William Henry Bartley, 26, Millman, Oxford, Ont., s/o Jarvis & Mary Jane Bartley, married Mary Harris, 31, Oxford, Ont., d/o Robert & Clarissa Harris, wit; William Acton and Mary Harris, 27 March 1873, Ottawa.

(Carleton Co): Alexander Scott, 36, Long Island, Scotland, s/o George Scott and Elizabeth Black, married Ann Enright, 21, Long Island, Quebec, d/o James Enright and Mary Briave?, wit; Elizabeth Elliott and A. Cleary, 8 April 1873, Ottawa.

(Carleton Co): Joseph Enright, 24, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Pattrick Enright and Emilie Barrie?, married Atphonslie Peshette, 21, Ottawa, ?, d/o Alphouse Peshette and Adele Prevost, wit; Aubin Enright and Pierre Choriward, 7 November 1894, Ottawa.

(Carleton Co): Arthur St. Denis, 21, Butcher, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Alfred St. Denis and Maria Fletcher, married Adeline Mailte?, 19, Ottawa, Brockville, d/o Rigish? Mailte (Carleton Co); James Graham Rutherford, 24, Farmer, East Templeton, Perth Scotland, s/o John Rutherford and Elizabeth Graham, married Sarah Way, 21, East Templeton, East Templeton, d/o Stephen Way and Maggie Daly, wit; Alexander Dyce and Mary Way, 7 June 1893, Ottawa.

(Carleton Co); Peter Guelbault, Widower, 28, Mason, Hull, Que, Hull Que, s/o Eustache Guelbault and Sophia Poulin, married Marie/Margaret Guelbault, Widow, 25, Ottawa, North River, d/o Henry Guelbault and Elizabeth Freeman, wit; O.W. (Carleton Co): Alfred Gaudet, 27, Ottawa, Gentilly, s/o Joseph Gaudet and Moiredes Livaseau, married Alice Sances, 23, Ottawa, Montreal, Que., d/o Edmond Sancer and Marie Louise Mongeth, wit; C.M. Beroard and N. Mongeusis, 20 September 1893, Ottawa. (RC).

(Carleton Co); William Steinn, Widower, 26, Machinist, Ottawa, Germany, s/o Christopher Steinn and Anne Wanok, married Marjory McDonald, 25, Ottawa, Canada, d/o John and Mary McDonald, wit; Margaret Young and Archibald McDonald, 7 June 1893 Ottawa.

(Carleton Co): William Burke, 25, Mill Wright, Ottawa, Canada, s/o Hugh Burke and Bridget Murphy, married Margaret Barrett, 26, Ottawa, Canada, d/o John Barrett and Sophia Ward, wit; John Fagen and Julia Murphy, 7 June 1893, Ottawa. (RC).

(Carleton Co); Jeremiah Enright, Widower, 38, Tinsmith, Ottawa, Canada, s/o Jeremiah Enright and Anne O'Boyle, married Annie Wiggins, 23, Ottawa, Canada, d/o James and Jane Anne Wiggins, wit. Michael O'Neill and Anne McLinder, 18 April 1893, Ottawa (RC).

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