Marriage Records
Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada
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For these entries the following format is followed - registration , county, groom's name,age, occupation, his birth place, his residence, his parents' names; bride's name, age, her birthplace, her residence, her parents' names; witnesses, date & place of marriage.

007782-73 (Middlesex Co); Andrew AITKENS, 21, laborer, Canada, Park Hill, s/o James & Sarah, married Annie BOICE, 20, McGillvray, same, d/o Artemus & Margaret, witnesses were George & Nancy AITKENS of McGill, 22 Jan., 1873 at Park Hill.

007783-73 (Middlesex Co): Thomas RANSON, 30, farmer, England, Stephen twp., s/o William & Susanna, married Phobe Jane ELLIOT, 22, Canada, Stephen twp., d/o Moses & Jane, witnesses were James McLOY & Alexander AITKENS, both of Stephen twp - Huron Co., 18 June 1873 at Park Hill.

008136-73 (Middlesex Co): James Alexander McARTHUR, 23, farmer, Lobo, same, s/o James & Mary, married Amelia A.W. IRVINE, 20, Lobo, same, d/o John & Mary, witnesses were James R. IRVINE & Charlotte MILLER, both of Lobo, 28 May 1873 at Lobo.

008137-73 (Middlesex Co): John McKELLAR, 24, farmer, Bosanquet, same, s/o Dougald & Elizabeth, married Sarah BUDHAM, 26, widow, Lobo, Bosanquet, d/o Israel A. & Charlotte DOAN, witnesses were George A. DOAN & Mary McLARTY, both of Lobo, 1873.

008135-73 (Middlesex Co): James QUACKENBUSH, 32, farmer, Belville, Lobo, s/o Isaac & Catherine, married Margaret I. NISBET, 22, Lichfield, Lobo, d/o Hector & Sarah, witnesses were James A. McARTHUR & James IRVINE, both of Lobo, 21 May 1873 at Kamoko, Lobo.

006632-76 (Middlesex Co): Samuel DUNLOP, 54, widower, stonemason, Ireland, London East, s/o James & Mary, married Jannie McARTHUR, 51, widow, Scotland, Byron, d/o John & Agnes BINNIE, witnesses were Robert & Agnes GILES, 21 March 1876 at the home of Robert GILES, Hamilton Rd., London.

006124-79 (Middlesex Co): John B. GUTHRIE, 25, farmer, Scotland, London twp., s/o William & Mary, married Fanny PETERS, 35, England, London twp., d/o Edwin & Elizabeth, witnesses were James H. DENNIS of London twp., & Nora A. ROSS of London, Feb. 5, 1879 at 10 Hope St., London.

006284-76 (Middlesex Co): Francis HUTCHINSON, 23, farmer, Canada, McGillivray twp., s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Caroline REEVES, 22, London twp., same, d/o William & Isabella, witnesses were Joseph & Thomas HUTCHINSON of McGillivray, 7 March 1876 at London twp.

006091-76 (Middlesex Co): Colin McRAE, 29, mechanic, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Donald & Margaret, married Henrietta SIMPSON, 22, Mosa, same, d/o William J. & Joanna, witnesses were John CAMERON & Caroline CLARK, both of Glencoe, 14 Nov., 1876 at Mosa.

006579-77 (Middlesex Co): Patrick RYAN, 37, laborer, Ireland, London Ont., s/o James & Mary, married Mary O'DONNELL, 22, Montreal, London, d/o J. & Phoebe, witnesses were William MURPHY & Mary KINNEY, both of London, 29 Jan. 1877 at St. Peter's Cathedral, London.

006083-76 (Middlesex Co): Donald CAMPBELL, 28, yeoman, Mosa, same, s/o John & Mary, married Barbara McARTHUR, 25, Mosa, same, d/o Alexander & Barbara, witnesses were Duncan LIVINGSTON & Margaret McARTHUR, both of Mosa, 13 April 1876 at Mosa.

006089-76 (Middlesex Co): Duncan McKELLAR, 30, carpenter & joiner, Mosa, same, s/o John & Sarah, married Isabella MUNRO, Mosa, same, d/o Archibald & Euphemia, witnesses were Hugh McKELLAR of Mosa & Nancy WALKER of Metcalfe, 22 June 1876 at Mosa.

006088-76 (Middlesex Co): Alexander McPHERSON, 29, yeoman, Aldborough, same, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Mary MUNRO, 22, Mosa, same, d/o Archibald & Euphemia, witnesses were Dugald McDOUGALL of Aldborough & Nancy McDOUAGLD of Metcalfe, 22 June 1876 at Mosa.

006388-79 (Middlesex Co): Aaron BRADT, 59, widower, Nelson twp., Delaware twp., s/o Albert & Elizabeth, married Annie Maria BEDFORD, widow, 44, Caradoc, Petrolia, d/o William & Anne SNELGROVE, witnesses were Ellen MOORE & Hettie THOMPSON of Caradoc, Oct. 7, 1879 at Caradoc.

006410-79 (Middlesex): J.S. BURTCH, 36, widower, farmer, St. Catherines, Fingal, s/o Amos & Margaret, married Mary V. ROSSER, 29, London twp., same, d/o Philip & Mariah, witnesses were George WICKMORE of Fingal & Hannah ROSSER of London twp., May 7, 1879 at London twp.

006864-82 (Middlesex Co): Thomas Henry ERSKINE, 24, farmer, Caradoc, same, s/o John & Rebecca, married Mahalah Alvida COOK, 30, Saltfleet, Caradoc, d/o William & Donalda, witnesses were James W. & Alsesla CHISHOLM of Caradoc, Oct. 26, 1881 at Caradoc.

006407-79 (Middlesex): Philip HERBERT, 23, farmer, England, Lobo, s/o Philip & Mary Elizabeth, married Jane RAMSAY, 22, London twp., same, d/o William & Margaret, witnesses were Sydney HERBERT & Bessy RAMSAY, both of London twp., April 30, 1879 at Hyde Park, London twp..

006867-82 (Middlesex Co): Joseph Alfred JAMES, 26, engineer, England, Inwood Ont., s/o Joseph & Charlotte, married Melissa PRATT, 18, Caradoc, same, d/o John & Catherine, witnesses were Alfred John AVERY & Emily MIDDLES--, both of Caradoc, Dec. 28, 1881 at Longwood Station.

006390-79 (Middlesex Co): James Shore LOYNES, 24, carpenter, Adolphustown, Strathroy, s/o Samuel & Charlotte Maria, married Emiline Sophrona SAXTON, 23, Caradoc, same, d/o John & Jane, witnesses were David EVANS & Jane HARRIS, both of Strathroy.

006389-79 (Middlesex): John McGOWAN, 21, moulder, Quebec, Strathroy, s/o R. McGOWAN & Caroline KENNEDY, married Ida J. FERGUSON, 18, Lobo, Melbourne, d/o Jacob FERGUSON & Louisa FINCH, witnesses were C.G. FERGUSON of St. Thomas & David FERGUSON of Melbourne, Oct. 28, 1879 at Melbourne (Caradoc twp).

006865-82 (Middlesex Co): Abraham PETITT, 19, farmer, Caradoc, same, s/o Levi & Esther, married Almira LUTHER, 18, Caradoc, Ekfrid, d/o Paul & Mary Ann, witnesses were Hector McLEAN & Mary Emiline PETITT, both of Caradoc, Dec. 6, 1881 at Mt. Brydges.

006874-82 (Middlesex Co): Joseph PORTAS, 27, farmer, England, Caradoc, s/o John & Rebecca, married Sarah Ann SPLAYFORD, 21, England, Caradoc, d/o Robert & Mary Ann, witnesses were Robert SPLAYFORD & Ellen MOORE, both of Caradoc, March 1, 1881 at Caradoc.

006391-79 (Middlesex Co): Richard STEER, 27, yeoman, Caradoc, same, s/o Stephen & Sarah, marrie Tania? THOMPSON, 22, Caradoc, same, d/o Francis & Caroline, witnesses were Loranzo THOMPSON & Alice STEER, both of Caradoc, Nov. 6, 1879 at Caradoc.

006386-79 (Middlesex): Stephen BOND, 24, farmer, Caradoc, same, s/o John & Jane, married Flora VEALE, 23, Caradoc, same, d/o Richard & Catherine, witnesses were William & Elizabeth HUGGINS of Caradoc, May 6, 1879 at Caradoc.

006409-79 (Middlesex Co): William F. GIBSON, 29, farmer, England, London twp., s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann HUDSON, 29, London twp., same, d./o Samuel & Ann, witnesses were William H. HUDSON & Sarah Ann GIBSON, both of London twp., March 12, 1879 at London twp.

007110-81 (City of London): Thomas HILLIARD, 26, carpenter, Hamilton, London South, s/o George & Eliza, married Isabella McNEIL, 24, Strathroy, London, d/o Alexander & Mary, March 15, 1881 at the Methodist Parsonage.

007111-81 (City of London): Edwin Charles JACKSON, 21, tailor, Clinton, London, s/o Isaac & Sarah, married Beatrice Jane WINGETT, 20, England, London, d/o John & Sarah WYCKOFF, witnesses were Charles H. LEITCH & A. WINGETT, both of London, 11 May 1881 at the Methodist Parsonage.

006406-79 (Middlesex Co): Henry M. JOHNSTON, 30, farmer, Delaware Ont., same, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth Jane PATTERSON, 22, London twp., same, d/o Alexander & Isabella, witnesses were Emma HOARE of Strathroy & Thomas F. JOHNSTON of Delaware, April 23, 1879 at London twp..

006387-79 (Middlesex Co): Isaac MOORE, 25, farmer, Canada, Caradoc, s/o George & Ann, married Mary Madora BADGE, Canada, Caradoc, d/o George & Betsy, witnesses were C. & R. KNOTT of Caradoc, Sept. 3, 1879 at Caradoc.

006868-82 (Middlesex Co): Richard ROOT, 22, farmer, Caradoc, same, s/o Nathaniel & Eliza Jane, married Sarah Jane ROBINSON, 24, Caradoc, same, d/o John & Armirilla, witnesses were James M. (or W). ROBINSON & Emily HARKER, both of Caradoc, Dec. 28, 1881 at Caradoc.

006876-82 (Middlesex Co): Robert A. SMALL, 27, farmer, Hamilton, Caradoc, s/o David & Agnes, married Lois Ann CADE, 23, Caradoc, same, d/o Robert & Sarah, witness was John STONEHOUSE of Caradoc, March 30, 1881 at Caradoc.

006408-79 (Middlesex Co): Arthur J. THIRLWALL, 29, farmer, Lobo twp., same, s/o Isaac & Mary Ann, married Agnes COUSINS, 22, London twp., Lobo twp., d/o Thomas & Mary Margaret, witnesses were Chris. WALKER of Carlisle & George COUSINS of Lobo twp., April 17, 1879 at St, George's church (C of E), London twp.

006405-79 (Middlesex Co): John WEIR, 30, farmer, Canada, London twp., s/o John & Jane Ann, married Ellen ELLIOTT, 20, Canada, London twp., d/o John & Eliza, witnesses were Alexander ELLIOTT & Agnes WEIR, both of London twp., March 20, 1879 at Birr, London twp.

006362-78 (Middlesex Co): Jaspar WRIGLEY, 28, cotton spinner, England., London East Ont., s/o James & Betty, married Rachel SQUIRES, 21, Pittsburg, London East, d/o William & Mary, Sept 26, 1878 at 33 York St., London East.

006875-82 (Middlesex Co) Humphrey BADGE, 24, farmer, Caradoc, same, s/o George & Betsy, married Elizabeth Jane ROBERTSON, 20, Belleville, Mt. Brydges, d/o William C. & Annie, witnesses were George BADGE of Caradoc & Annie ROBERTSON of Belleville, March 22, 1882 at Caradoc.

007077-85 (City of London) John Carl BILLINGHAM, 42, widower, merchant, NY state, London, s/o Thomas & Catherine, married Nellie CAUDWELL, 20, England, London, d/o Edward & Emma, 23 April 1885 at 484 Dundas St..

007204-83 (Middlesex Co): Septimus J. BOURNE, 25, farmer, England, West Nissouri, s/o Richard & Charlotte, married Alice McGUFFIN, 21, London twp., W. Nissouri, d/o Hugh & Theda, witnesses were William SNIBER? & Addie ENGLISH, 19 Dec., 1882 at W. Nissouri.

007205-83 (Middlesex Co): Alexander CLARK, 29, farmer, West Zorra, same, s/o Alexander & Alexine, married Jemima McDONALD, 21, Glencoe, Embro, d/o James & Marian, witnesses were E.S. SUTHERLAND & Jane CLARK, both of W. Zorra, 13 June, 1883 at W. Nissouri.

006866-82 (Middlesex Co) James CULLEN, 21, undertaker, Brighton, Essex, s/o John & Lavina, married Luck BADGE, 19, Caradoc, same, d/o George & Betsy, witnesses were Humphrey BADGE of Caradoc & Viletta CULLEN of Comber - Essex Co., Dec. 27, 1881 at Caradoc.

007306-83 (Middlesex Co): John DEGRAW, 64, bach., farmer, Caradoc, same, s/o Adonijah & Isabella, married Mary Ellen McLEAN, 22, Strathroy, same, parents "not known", witnesses were Thomas E. COLLINS & Margaret S. EDWARDS, both of Caradoc, Dec. 19, 1883 at Caradoc.

007207-83 (Middlesex Co): Tobias Waldin DOCKSTADER, 48, hotel keeper, Canada, Percy twp., s/o Jacob & Catherine, married Carrie MURPHY, 23, Canada, West Nissouri, d/o John & Jane, witnesses were William & Mary MURPHY of West Nissouri, 27 June, 1883 at W. Nissouri.

007301-83 (Middlesex Co): George FISHER, 24, farmer, Caradoc, same, s/o James & Hannah, married Martha E. HETLEY, 19, Delaware, Caradoc, d/o Robert & Sarah, witnesses were John LOCKWOOD & Minnie HETLEY, both of Caradoc, July 3, 1883 at Caradoc.

007305-83 (Middlesex Co): William GILES, 27, farmer, East Zorra - Oxford Co., Caradoc, s/o William & Mary, witnesses were Sarah Ann GREENSLADE, 25, England, Caradoc, d/o Thomas & Ann, witnesses were Donald McKELLAR of Lobo & William A. GUEST of Caradoc, Sept. 26, 1883 at Caradoc.

007172-83 (Middlesex Co): Peter LAMONT, 29, farmer, Lobo twp., same, s/o Duncan & Mary, married Annie C. EDWARDS, 22, Lobo twp., same, d/o Thomas S. & Florence, witnesses were Archibald D. GRAHAM & Louise SMITH, both of Lobo, 14 Feb., 1883 at Lobo.

007079-85 (City of London) Patrick John LASHBROOK, 24, clerk, England, London, s/o Robert & Jane, married Ella McBRIDE, 20, London, same, d/o Alexander & Lucy, witnesses were James D. McBRIDE & Jennie LASHBROOK, both of London, 28 April, 1885 at 504 Colborne St..

006873-82 (Middlesex Co): John LAZENBY, 28, farmer, Blenheim, Caradoc, s/o David & Margaret, married Emily LYMAN, 35, Scotland, Caradoc, d/o Archibald & Margaret, witnesses were Carrie & Leapha FARTHING of Caradoc, Feb. 28, 1882 at Caradoc.

006870-82 (Middlesex Co): Patrick Bannon LIPSIT, 22, blacksmith, Caradoc, Mt. Brydges, s/o Lewis & Jane, married Clarissa Bell BURNHAM, 21, Jerseyville Ont., Caradoc, d/o Daniel & Nancy, witnesses were Charles STICKLES & Violette BURNHAM, both of Caradoc, Jan. 25, 1882 at Mt. Brydges.

007175-83 (Middlesex Co): James McDOUGALL, 23, machinist, Galt, same, s/o Robert McDOUGALL & Emily McINTOSH, married Susan SEATON, 22, Lobo, Komoka, d/o Donald & Catherine, witnesses were Angus CAMERON of Galt & Effie SEATON of Komoka, 22 March, 1883 at Komoka, Lobo twp.

006871-82 (Middlesex Co): James J(or F) PATRICK, 22, farmer, Caradoc, same, s/o James & Mercy Jane, married Edith WHITING, 18, Caradoc, same, d/o John & Hannah, witnesses were George JONES of London & Josephine PATRICKof Caradoc, Feb. 1, 1882 at Caradoc.

007302-83 (Middlesex Co): William PIERCE, 32, school teacher, Caradoc, same, s/o Robert & Mary Ann, married Mary Jane MARSHMAN, 22, Caradoc, same, d/o George & Elizabeth, witnesses were Uri PIERCE & Catherine MARSHMAN, both of Caradoc, July 11, 1883 at Caradoc.

007307-83 (Middlesex Co): John Wesley POWERS, 27, farmer, Caradoc, Metcalfe, s/o John & Miriam, married Helen Maria OAK, 28, Yarmouth, Caradoc, d/o Lawrence & Mary Ann, witnesses were James OAK of Caradoc & Sarah POWERS of Metcalfe, Sept. 4, 1883 at Caradoc.

007177-83 (Middlesex Co): William SCOTT, 49, widower, farmer, Canada, Caradoc, s/o Henry SCOTT & Isabella AINSLEY, married Margaret McBONE, 35, Canada, Lobo twp., d/o Duncan McBONE & Euphemia McPHEE, witnesses were Alexander mcDOUGALL of Caradoc & Henry SCOTT of London, 6 June, 1883 at Lobo twp.

007203-83 (Middlesex Co): William SQUIRE, 30, farmer, England, Enniskillen, s/o Philip & Mary Ann, married Annie ANGUS, 28, Toronto, West Nissouri, d/o James & Ann, witnesses were John ANGUS & Lizzie SQUIRES, both of West Nissouri, 26 Dec., 1882 at W. Nissouri.

007171-83 (Middlesex Co): Robert VENNER, 34, farmer, England, London twp., s/o Thomas & Ann, married Margaret Ellen HAGGAN, 30, widow, Erin, Lobo twp., d/o Robert & Eliza HALL, witnesses were John McINTYRE & Lydia HALL, both of Lobo, 14 March, 1883 at Lobo twp.

007299-83 (Middlesex Co): Thomas WATSON, 34, farmer, Scotland, West Williams, s/o William & Elson, married Clementine DODGE, 31, Nova Scotia, Caradoc, d/o George & Mary, witnesses were Joseph THOMPSON of Warwick & John DODGE of Caradoc, May 16, 1883 at Caradoc.

007211-83 (Middlesex Co): Joseph Cunningham WEIR, 28, farmer, North Dorchester, same, s/o John & Rebecca, married Mary McCUTCHIN, 25, W. Nissouri, same, d/o John & Ann, witnesses were William MOSSIP & Esther WEIR, 9 Jan., 1883 at West Nissouri.

006872-82 (Middlesex Co): Thomas WINBLOW, 20, farmer, Ontario, Essex Co., s/o John & Jane, married Alice FRENCH, 17, Ontario, Muncy, d/o William & Polly, witnesses were S.G. LIVINGSTON & S.E. HAGAR, Feb. 21, 1882 at Indian Institute, Caradoc.

007298-83 (Middlesex Co): George BADGE, 28, Caradoc, same, s/o George & Betsy, married Mary HENDERSON, 21, Caradoc, same, d/o Joseph & Annie Victoria, witnesses were M.E. THOMPSON & C. JACK, both of Caradoc, April 11, 1883 at Mt. Carmel, Caradoc twp.

007542-83 (Middlesex Co): Franklin BOGERT, 27, miller, Newmarket Ont., London, married Esther Jane EDY, 25, Townsend, London, d/o William & Malinda, witness was Wellington BOGERT, May 15, 1883 at London.

007307-83 (Middlesex Co): Henry BUCHNER, 24, farmer, Brooke, same, s/o William & Ellen, married Deborah SLATER, 24, Dundas, Brooke, d/o John & Lyddia, witnesses wwere Helen & Heather LUMLY of Michigan, Oct. 28, 1883 at Newbury.

007072-85 (City of London) William J. CALDER, 22, fireman, Utica NY, Windsor, s/o John & Ann, married Mary WHALEY, 23, Woodstock, Windsor, d/o William & Johanna, witnesses were William McMURRAY & Jennie WHALEY, both of Windsor, 24, Feb., 1885 at 434 Grey St.

007176-83 (Middlesex Co): Joseph Thomas CHARLTON, 23, farmer, Lobo twp, same, s/o Joseph CHARLTON & Mary J. BARNES, married Ada Annie LANG, 20, Ontario, Lobo twp., d/o Robert LANG & Hannah MOORE, witnesses were John & Mary DEWAR of Lobo, 26 April, 1883 at Lobo.

007073-85 (City of London) Edwin CONSTABLE, 33, laborer, Quebec, Seaforth, s/o George & Mary, married Sarah WILLIAMS, 21, England, London, d/o unknown parents, witnesses were John & Kate CONSTABLE of 332 Simcoe St., 10 March 1885 at 182 Simcoe St.

007212-83 (Middlesex Co): Robert CROSBY, 28, carpenter, Canada, London twp., s/o Alexander & Annie, married Maggie WRIGHT, 28, Canada, Blanchard, d/o William & Catherine, witnesses were Alexander CROSBY & John TAYLOR, both of London twp., Nov. 7, 1883 at Blanshard.

007071-85 (City of London) William CULBERT, 22, painter, Wyoming Ont., London, s/o Richard & Ann, married Jane HERMAN?, 23, Port Stanley, London, d/o Benjamin & Jane, witnesses were Walter & Eliza PRYCE of London West, 16 March, 1885 at 136 Wellington St..

006877-82 (Middlesex Co): Thomas DURDLE, 31, farmer, England, Yarmouth - Elgin Co., s/o John & Charlotte, married Annie E. BATEMAN, 28, Caradoc, same, d/o John C. & Ann, witnesses were Amos CARTER & Philip CORNEIL of Ekfrid, April 12, 1882 at Caradoc.

007308-83 (Middlesex Co): Amos FENNELL, 23, laborer, England, Newbury, s/o Amos FENNELL & Dianah CHILTEN, married Minerva HOLMAN, 21, Mosa, Newbury, d/o Jacob HOLMAN & Theresa THOMAS, witnesses were Stephen FENNELL & Emma BLAIR, May 23, 1883 at Newbury.

007209-83 (Middlesex Co): Frederick FITZGERALD, 23, farmer, London twp., same, s/o John & Jane, married Selina WEIR, 23, W. Nissouri, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witnesses were Richard GUEST & Mary Ann CARRY, both of London twp., 19 June, 1883 at West Nissouri.

007403-83 (Middlesex Co): William GILLEM, 19, farmer, Caradoc, Lobo, s/o Charles & Mary, married Mary LUCAS, 22, Caradoc, Lobo, d/o Joseph & Martha, witnesses were A.M. GILLEM of Blanchard & Rosetta KERR of Caradoc, Sept. 10, 1883 at Mt. Brydges.

007173-83 (Middlesex Co): Leonard LINCE, 35, widower, farmer, W. Nissouri, same, s/o William & Sarah, married Sarah SUGDEN, 28, W. Nissouri, same, d/o Robert & Ellen, witnesses were Dennis & Estacy CORCORAN of Caradoc, 14 Feb., 1883 at Lobo.

007208-83 (Middlesex): John Charles LUFF, 46, farmer, England, West Nissouri, s/o John & Mary, married Elizabeth McCOMB, 53, widow, Canada, W. Nissouri, d/o George & Sarah, witneses were William WILLIAMSON & Jane MURPHY, both of West Nissouri, 23 June 1883 at West Nissouri.

007210-83 (Middlesex Co): Nelson MAYBEE, 25, farmer, W. Nissouri, same, s/o William & Ellen, married Margaret L.W. HARDIE, 20, West Nissouri, same, d/o David 7 Agnes, witnesses were Maria PENMAN & Annie WRIGHT, both of W. Nissouri, 8 October 1883 at the Manse, West Nissouri.

007078-85 (City of London) John Widnor NELLES, 31, merchant, London Ont., Montreal, s/o J.A. NELLES & Anna Mary CAMPBLE, married Mary E. LIND, 21, Scotland, London, d/o William LIND & Margaret JOHNSTON, witnesses were R. Campbell & Mary NELLES, both of London, 22 April 1885 at First Presbyterian church.

007202-83 (Middlesex Co): Charles N. PERRIN, 22, blacksmith, Ontario, West Nissouri, s/o James & Keziah, married Eliza Jane GOUGH, 19, West Nissouri, same, d/o John & Eliza, witnesses were Ruth SMITH & Edward MAYBEE, 24 Jan. 1883 at West Nissouri.

007206-83 (Middlesex Co): Peter RAMSAY, 25, farmer, Binbrook, West Nissouri, s/o John & Isabella, married Martha GOURLAY, 24, West Nissouri, same, d/o Andrew & Margaret, witnesses were Allen RAMSAY & Sarah GOULAY, both of West Nissouri, 14 March 1883 at West Nissouri.

007300-83 (middlesex Co): Archibald VEALE, 26, farmer, Caradoc, same, s/o Richard & Catherine, married Alice L. MITCHELL, 18, England, Caradoc, d/o Caroline & father died during her infancy - name unknown, witnesses were James MITCHELL & Emma BROWN, both of Caradoc, May 22, 1883 at Mt. Carmel.

006869-82 (Middlesex Co): John William WHITE, 22, farmer, Caradoc, same, s/o James & Mary, married Elizabeth KELLESTINE, 21, Caradoc, same, d/o George & Elizabeth, witnesses were Ralph J. WHITE & Useba KELLESTINE, both of Longwood Station, Caradoc, Jan. 19, 1882 at lot 3, con 3, Caradoc.

007688-87 (Middlesex Co): Edward WARD, 19, Wingham, London Ont., s/o Peter & Rebecca, married Sarah COKE, 20, Ontario, London town, d/o Elias & Caroline, Sept. 24, 1887 at 156 Wellington St., London.

007907-95 (Middlesex Co): William George ARMITAGE, 28, confectioner, Ireland, Minneapolis, s/o Thomas & Agnes, married Margaret WILSON, 25, Middlesex Co., 622 Hamilton Rd. London, d/o Edward & Matilda, witnesses were W. Harry SHORT of 57 Askin St. London, and Matilda PARKINSON of 525 Hamilton Rd., London, June 26, 1895 at 522 Hamilton Rd., London.

007893-95 (Middlesex Co): Adam BLANDFORD, laborer, Eastwood Ont., East Oxford twp - Oxford Co., s/o John & Mary, married Elizabeth ROBINSON, 22, Mascouchi Quebec, Front St. London, d/o William & Sarah, witnesses were D & G. ROBINSON of London, April 10, 1895 at London.

007923-95 (Middlesex Co): Harry W. BROWN, 27, teacher, Niagara Falls South, Petrolia, s/o Henry BROWN & Isabella COLE, married Helen EDY, 27, Brantford, London, d/o W.D. EDY & Melinda HAVILAND, witnesses were Miss I.W. BROWN of Niagara Falls South & Frank EDY of London, and Hattie SMYTH of London, June 29, 1895 at 4 Cartwright St., London.

007924-95 (Middlesex Co): John Wesley McFADDEN, 29, farmer, Claudeboye Ont., same, s/o Samuel & Mary, married Ida May ANDERSON, 29, London twp., Arva London twp., d/o Duncan & Sarah, witnesses were George Arthur & Edith E. DEPEW both of Detroit, Michigan, July 1, 1895 at London.

007925-95 (Middlesex Co): William Albert CARROLL, 23, iron moulder, Exeter Ont., London, s/o William & Mary Mines CARROLL, married Caroline MUSTILL, 22, London, same, d/o John & Caroline Lisk MUSTILL, witnesses were Sarah Ann MUSTILL & Grace HYMAN both of London, June 12, 1895 at London.

007892-95 (Middlesex Co): Richard Maxwell McELLURAN, 44, widower, secretary Board of Education, Ontario, 36 Marley Place London, s/o Archibald & Jane, married Grizah Oakley MOORE, 38, widow, Westminster-Middlesex Co., London South, d/o Samuel & Mary Ann BRATT, witnesses were Victor & Miss V. JACKSON of Gladstone, June 12, 1895 at London.

007906-95 (Middlesex Co): Charles SPRAKER, 37, carriage builder, Portsmouth England, London Ont., s/o Charles & "mother's name not remembered" (she died when he was infant), married Mary BROWN, 26, widow, London Ont., same, d/o William & Jane MASON, witnesses were W.D. BARTLETT & Annie MASON, both of London, June 26, 1895 Sydenham St., London.

007891-95 (Middlesex Co): W.H.H. WATSON, 29, tailor, Canada, London, s/o Arthur & Eliza, marries Jennie McKERRICHIR, 24, Quebec, London, d/o Daniel & Annie, witnesses were Arthur McKERRICHER & Lilia MOPCARD (or Mosscard), both of London, June 12, 1895 at 666 King St., London.

007908-95 (Middlesex Co): John Eldon WILKINS, 24, dairy man, Westminster twp., same, s/o Charles & Margaret, married Bella Jane MOORE, 23, London twp., same, d/o John & Isabella, witnesses were Jospeh WILKINS of Westminster & Maggie MOORE of London twp., Jan 23, 1895 at 156 Wellington St., London.

010740-00 (Middlesex Co): Franklin William EDY, 27, photographer, Brantford, London, s/o William D. & Malinda, married Jane Agness HOLMAN, 28, b. London, Ont, d/o Joseph, witnesses were Philip MacKENZIE of Ridout St., S., London & Isabella HALEY of 483 York St., London, Feb 8, 1899 at London.

013410-05 (Middlesex Co): Samuel ATKINSON, 33, farmer, Blanshard, W. Nissouri, s/o William ATKINSON & Elizabeth ED--, married Olive STERRITT, 29, W. Nissouri, same, d/o Robert STERRITT & Sarah GARNER, witnesses were Charles STERRITT of Wilbury & Mary Atkinson of St. Marys, Dec. 26, 1904 at Thorndale.

013058-05 (City of London): Edgar Joseph BARTLETT, 26, expressman, London, same, s/o William BARTLETT & Catherine MARTYN (or Mostyn), married Lilian COOPER, 20, Strathroy, London, d/o Charles COOPER & Kathleen O'DU-YER, witnesses were Charles COOPER & Helena SUGDEN, both of London, 1 July, 1905.

013047-05 (City of London): William Henry COPELAND, 25, laborer, London, same, s/o Joseph COPELAND & Mary A. CASTLE, married Augusta Jane COOK, 24, Oshawa, London, d/o James COOK & Angelina FOY, witnesses were Herbert JEFFREY & E. Beatrice COOK, both of London, 1 June, 1905.

013059-05 (City of London): Alfred DENBY, 24, moulder, Brant Co., London, s/o Richard DENBY & Sarah MORRIS, married Alice NELSON, 23, London, same, d/o W. NELSON & Sarah A. TOMLINS, witnesses were William PACE & Nora NELSON, both of London, 3 July, 1905.

013043-05 (City of London): Joseph Reid DePOTIE, 32, cutter, London East, London, s/o Joseph Alfred DePOTIE & Martha BESSEY, married Mary Ellen YATES, 28, London East, London, d/o Henry YATES & Margaret HODGKINSON, witnesses were Joseph Alfred DePOTIE & Henry YATES, both of London, 28 June, 1905.

013050-05 (City of London): George E. GILMOUR, 31, tinsmith, Napanee, London, s/o Andrew J. GILMOUR & Mary MOSS, married Isabella Ann Celine HODGINS, 29, Biddulph twp., London, d/o Isaac HODGINS & Henrietta ATKINSON, witnesses were Clarence E. GILMOUR & Jessie HODGINS, both of London, 21 June, 1905.

013045-05 (City of London): Walter Henderson JACKSON, 24, brassfinisher, London, same, s/o Edward JACKSON & Rose WANDERS, married Myrtle HARTFORD, Blenheim Ont., London, d/o James HARTFORD & Miinie CLAUS, witnesses were Rena FORDYCE & May MOFFAT, both of London, 28 June, 1905.

013057-05 (City of London): Oliver George KEENE, 21, merchant, London, same, s/o Henry B. KEENE & Annie Isabel BROWN, married Emily May SIDDLE, 22, London, same, d/o Gilbert SIDDLE & Caroline ALTEMAN, witnesses were Fred WELLAND of Toronto & L. DAWE of London, 1 July, 1905.

013039-05 (City of London): Edward KINGSNORTH, 25, cabinet maker, London, same, s/o William KINGSNORTH & Harriet CHIVERY?, married Jennie HUTCHEON, 23, Scotland, London, d/o John Walker HUTCHEON & Mary DUNCAN, witnesses were George WATTS & Lizzie REID, both of London, 28 June, 1905.

013319-05 (City of London): Warren W. KNISLEY, 39, farmer, Humberstone twp., Port Colborne, s/o Owen F. KNISLEY & Hannah MILLAR, married Clara E. McEVOY, 33, Mt. BRYDGES, London, d/o Millar McEVOY & Sarah Ann NORTHCOTTE, witnesses were Lena Margaret THOMPSON of St. Thomas & James Roy VAN WYCK of Toronto, 27 Dec., 1905.

013051-05 (city of London): John James MASON, 24, physician, London, same, s/o John MASON & Mary STINSON, married Mary McCORMICK, 21, London, same, d/o Andrew McCORMICK & Ann CLEGG, witnesses were C.G. McCORMICK & Annie L.C. STEPHENSON, both of London, 21 June, 1905.

013042-05 (City of London): Frederick McCUTCHEON, 30, teacher at LCI, W.Nissouri, London, s/o William McCUTCHEON & Essie GEARE, married Mary VINING, 29, W.Nissouri, London, d/o Josiah VINING & Rachel McLEOD, witnesses were Maud McCUTCHEON of Thorndale & Jared VINING of London, 28 June, 1905.

013312-05 (City of London): Alexander MUNRO, 43, teacher, E. Williams, same, s/o John MUNRO & Ellen SCOTT, married Mary HEAD, 30, widow, Scotland, Elgin Co., d/o Peter McCALLUM & Flora McCONNELL, witnesses were Katie McCALLUM of Elgin Co., & George A. COLVIN of Middlesex Co., 27 Dec., 1905 .

013412-05 (Middlesex Co): Casper NEAR, 27, stonemason, W. Nissouri, St. Marys, s/o Nelson NEAR & Maggie LOCKNEY, married Mary Jane MORRIS, 19, St. Marys, same, d/o Frank MORRIS & Eleanor K--, witnesses were Sidney NEAR & Ethel PEARSON, both of W. Nissouri, Feb. 15, 1905 at Thorndale.

013321-05 (City of London): Albert ROBERTSON, 40, farmer, Stanley twp., Varna Ont., s/o David ROBERTSON & Jessie GARVEY, married Mary JOHNSTON, 36, domestic, Bruce Co., Exeter Ont., d/o William JOHNSTON & Jane COWAN, witnesses were Hattie JOHNSTON of Exeter & Susie MacKENZIE of London, 27 Dec., 1905.

013317-05 (&013273-05)( City of London): William Arthur SILK, 40, engineer, Nilestown, London, s/o Henry SILK & Cornelia REYNOLDS, married Vivian Victoria SALMON, 20, St. Marys, London, d/o George SALMON & Elizabeth SENNINGTON, witnesses were William Alexander McKENZIE & Stella GREGG, both of London, Dec. 5, 1905.

013040-05 (City of London): Albert David SMITH, 20, electrician, London, same, s/o John W. & Lizzie, married Nellie Jane ACKERMAN, 18, St. Thomas, London, d/o George ACKERMAN & Nellie WICKS, witnesses were Daniel BREAK & Susie MACKENZIE, both of London, 28 June, 1905.

013413-05 (Middlesex Co): William Carey VINING, 35, farmer, W. Nissouri, same, s/o Salmon VINING & Esther GOURLAY, married Jennie JOHNSTONE, 30, W. Nissouri, same, d/o John JOHNSTONE & Sabrina VINING, witnesses were Harry JOHNSTONE & Lizzie VINING, both of W. Nissouri, Mar. 8, 1905 at W. Nissouri.

013320-05 (City of London): George Edward WHITE, 27, traveller, London, Ottawa, s/o George WHITE & Susan BAKER, married Bessie May GRANT, 24, London, same, d/o Stephen GRANT & Julia CHRISTIAN, witnesses were H. Frank WHITE & Adeline GRANT, both of London, Dec. 27, 1905.

013056-05 (City of London): Richard WRIGHT, 34, waiter, London Eng., London Ont., s/o Richard WRIGHT & Sarah NUTKINS, married Maggie McCALLUM, 27, Glencoe, London, d/o Archibald & Jane, witnesses were G.W. ROOT of London & Jennie McCALLUM of Glencoe, 29 June, 1905.

013314-05 (City of London): Robert Ashley ARNOLD, 21, laborer, Caradoc, London, s/o John ARNOLD & Matilda COURTIS, .married Lilie May MOTE, 18, Lambeth, London twp., d/o Matthew MOTE & Melinda PERKINS, witnesses were Edward G. FORSYTH & Jessie M. BREARLY, both of Caradoc, 27 Dec., 1905.

013037-05 (City of London): Andrew Ernest BOLTON, 34, commercial traveller, Victoria Co. Ont., Detroit, s/o James BOLTON & Jane FARRELL, married Mary GRANT, 33, dressmaker, Bowmanville, Ottawa, d/o Joshua GRANT & Lucina CAMERON, witnesses were John Livingston BOLTON of Toronto & Annie LEWIS of London, 28 June, 1905.

013055-05 (City of London): Thomas BRAZIER, 27, machinist, London, same, s/o James BRAZIER & Louisa CLARE, married Olga Bertha Amanda KAISER, 21, New Hamburg Ont., London, d/o Frederick William KAISER & Amanda B. WESENBERG, witnesses were William WESENBERG of Toledo Ohio, & Neta KAISER of London, 28 June, 1905.

013052-05 (City of London); Michael COLLINS, 26, laborer, Chatham, London, s/o John COLLINS & Mary DUNNS, married Phyllis Pearl CLAYTON, 32, widow, London, same, d/o Sidney CHADWICK & Mary HEATHFIELD, witnesses were Janet G. HOWARD& Alice M. HAWKSHAW, both of London, 24 June, 1905.

013414-05 (Middlesex Co): Wilbert F. DUFFIE, 29, farmer, W. Nissouri, same, s/o Albert DUFFIE & Mary KIRBY, married Emily Jessie YEO, 26, W. Nissouri, same, d/o Daniel YEO & Jemima MARK, witnesses were James WILLS of W. Nissouri & A. BALE of Woodstock, March 15, 1905 at W. Nissouri.

013049-05 (City of London): John William EGAN, 28, laborer, London Eng., London, s/o George William & Amelia, married Pauline AXTELL, 21, London Ont., same, d/o Henry AXTELL & Jane MENDING, witnesses were John & Nellie CARTLIDGE of London, 14 June, 1905.

013315-05 (City of London): Edgar James FOWLER, 21, policeman, London Eng., London Ont., s/o Arthur FOWLER & Sarah Ann WOODS, married Kathleen WASELL, 24, Digby NS, London, d/o Edward WASELL & Lydia UNDERWOOD, witnesses were Harold George WASELL & Constance LINDSAY, both of London, 27 Dec., 1905.

013048-05 (City of London): Harry Richard FRANKS, 25, compositor, Kent Co., London, s/o Jospeh Walker FRANKS & Katherine RICHARD, married Mary Lucy WINDER, 23, London, same, d/o Henry WINDER & Margaret MULLIGAN, witnesses were C.R. FRANKS & Lillian WHEATCROFT, both of London, 12 June, 1905.

013411-05 (Middlesex Co): Vernan Roy GERMAN, 24, baker, Blanshard, Arkona, s/o not known & Elizabeth GERMAN, married Bessie TIMMINS?, 22, W. Nissouri, same, d/o John TIMMINS & Elizabeth HALEY, witnesses were James FORREST of Granton & Helen TIMMINS of W. Nissouri, Dec. 24, 1904 at Thorndale.

013053-05 (City of London): Arthur C. HAMMER, 25, plumber, Stratford, same, s/o Charles HAMMER & Bridget O'BRIEN, married Lucy HEARD, 25, Holsworth Eng., London Ont., d/o Robert HEARD & Sarah JEWEL, witnesses were John H. MOYER & Beatrice HEARD, both of London, 28 June, 1905.

013318-05 (City of London): Percy LEITH, 25, glassworker, Canada, Grand Rapids, s/o Marcus LEITH & Eliza AUGERMAN, married Edith E. FLINTON, no age given, saleswoma, Canada, London, d/o Thomas FLINTON & Sarah McPHERSON, witnesses were James G. CARRUTHERS of Caradoc twp. & Emma FLINTON of London, 27 Dec., 1905.

013409-05 (Middlesex Co): Frank McCUTCHEON, 31, farmer, W. Nissouri, same, s/o John McCUTCHEON & Ann STEDMAN, married Nellie ST. CLAIR, 26, W. Nissouri, same, d/o Elias ST. CLAIR & Martha NEAR, witnesses were William NEAR of W. Nissouri & Tena FALCONER of Thorndale, Jan. 11, 1905, at village of Thorndale.

013044-05 (City of London): John Franklin ORCHARD, 36, widower, machinist, Strathroy, London, s/o John ORCHARD & Charlotte CRODEN, married Mary REED, 39, widow, d/o James DRENNAN & Hannah FLEMING, witnesses were James Henry ORCHARD & Mary Hannaford REED, both of London, 29 June, 1905.

013054-05 (City of London): Richard S. RAWLINGS, 26, butcher, London twp., Gore P.O., s/o George RAWLINGS & Annie CARTLIDGE, married Della MOORE, 19, Highgate, Gore, d/o William MOORE & Mary YOUNG, witnesses were Jennie WILSON & Alice GOULD, both of London, 28 June, 1905.

013322-05 (City of London): William Burrley REVELL, 29, salesman, Ingersoll, Detroit Mich., s/o Henry REVELL & Annie MINTY, married Annie Bradbury CHALMERS, 28, State of Maine, Detroit Mich., d/o Charles A. CHALMERS & Caroline EMERY, witnesses were Louise M. CLARK & Amelia CAIRNCROSS, both of London, 29 Dec., 1905.

013417-05 (Middlesex Co): John D. REYNOLDS, 27, Ontario, W. Nissouri, s/o Joseph REYNOLDS & E. JOHNSTON, married Lottie LEE, 27, W. Nissouri, same, d/o William LEE & Margaret HOLLAND, witnesses were Albert LEE of Thorndale & Jennie REYNOLDS of Harriston, June 21, 1905 at Lusboro.

013415-05 (Middlesex Co): John STAPLETON, 31, farmer, England, W. Nissouri, s/o Fred STAPLETON & Fanny STACY, married Elizabeth BLIGHT, 28, W. Nissouri, same, d/o George BLIGHT & Sarah PIPER, witnesses were George & Mary BLIGHT of Wyton, Mar. 22, 1905 at Wyton.

013316-05 (City of London): Charles E. STOCKDILL, 24, clerk, London, Calgary, s/o Frederick STOCKDILL & Ellinor HERBERT, married Edna Maude DEXTER, 27, Ouondaga?, London, d/o Thomas DEXTER & Mary Ann FOULDS, witnesses were Edward I DEXTER & Ethel Kate FOULDS, both of London, 26 Dec., 1905.

013416-05 (Middlesex Co): Samuel TALBOT, 27, W. Nissouri, Blanshard, s/o Richard TALBOT & Elizabeth MOORE, married Nettie WAUGH, 21, W. Nissouri, same, d/o Thomas WAUGH & Eliza BRYSON, witnesses were Thomas WAUGH of Nissouri & Annie TALBOT of Downie, Aril 5, 1905 at Nissouri.

013313-05 (City of London): Jared VINING, 35, barrister, Middlesex Co., London, s/o Josiah N. VINING & Rachel McLEOD, married Isabel Marshall McPEHERSON, 31, teacher, London, same, d/o Archibald McPHERSON & Margaret MURRAY, witnesses were Charlotte VINING & Archibald McPHERSON, both of London, Dec. 27, 1905.

013041-05 (City of London): Thomas Edward WHITE, 22, cigar maker, London, same, s/o Thomas Edward WHITE & Catherine PRESTON, married Minnie Emily ROBERTS, 19, London, same, d/o Albert Edward ROBERTS & Mary Emily CAVANAGH, witnesses were F. CAVANAGH & Charles WHITE, both of London, 28 June, 1905.

013038-05 (City of London): John Alexander WRIGHT, 26, physician, London, same, s/o Samuel WRIGHT & Elizabeth STRATTON, married Edna Louise MARR, 23, housekeeper, London, same, d/o John MARR & Sarah Rebecca CRONE, witnesses were Wilber R. VINING & Elizabeth WAUGH, both of London, 27 June 1905.


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