Canada West



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BOBIER, Isaac  Abt 1849Canada West P1958 Von-Dolzen Family Tree 
2 BROADBENT, Eli  1853Canada West P1001 Von-Dolzen Family Tree 
3 CHRYSLER, Margaret  1836Canada West P429 Von-Dolzen Family Tree 
4 CHRYSLER, Theresa  1840Canada West P430 Von-Dolzen Family Tree 
5 Cunningham, George  1 Nov 1839Canada West I151 David Falconer Family Tree 
6 Henry, Daniel  1846Canada West P11513 Mark Hochstetler Family Tree 
7 Henry, Ebey  1844Canada West P11515 Mark Hochstetler Family Tree 
8 Henry, Elizabeth  1840Canada West P6225 Mark Hochstetler Family Tree 
9 Henry, Jacob  1842Canada West P1957 Mark Hochstetler Family Tree 
10 Henry, William  1849Canada West P11516 Mark Hochstetler Family Tree 
11 Ker, Agnes  1823Canada West P1030 Vanderburgh Family 
12 LORING, Robert G. C.  27 Jan 1842Canada West P1684 Stevenson Chish Family Tree 
13 McKee, Vilroy  1839Canada West P577 Vanderburgh Family 
14 Milligan, Elizabeth  1797Canada West P26384 Mark Hochstetler Family Tree 
15 Misener, Margaret  1813Canada West P575 Vanderburgh Family 
16 Pringle, Eunice  1786Canada West P538 Vanderburgh Family 
17 Rankin, Charles H.  Abt 1868Canada West I985 David Falconer Family Tree 
18 Rankin, James William  Abt 1862Canada West I984 David Falconer Family Tree 
19 Rankin, Margaret  Abt 1850Canada West I980 David Falconer Family Tree 
20 Rankin, Mary E.  Abt 1854Canada West I982 David Falconer Family Tree 
21 Rankin, Silvio  Abt 1853Canada West I981 David Falconer Family Tree 
22 Sleightholm, Ellen  Abt 1839Canada West I963 David Falconer Family Tree 
23 THACKERAY, Maria L  13 May 1842Canada West P902 Rick Thackeray Family Tree 
24 Vanderburgh, Charlotte Elizabeth  8 Feb. 1854Canada West P307 Vanderburgh Family 
25 Vanderburgh, Maria Annie  1816Canada West P273 Vanderburgh Family 
26 Ward, William Cook  1854Canada West P121 Toni Walker Family Tree 
27 Ward Rollo, Sarah Ann  1846Canada West P124 Toni Walker Family Tree 
28 Wiggins, David  30 Sep 1838Canada West I111 David Falconer Family Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Van Norden or Cornwell  Canada West P12214 Toni Walker Family Tree