Charles County, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Elizabeth  1680Charles County, Maryland I21843
2 BATEMAN, Patience  1709Charles County, Maryland I21881
3 BAYNE, Mary  Abt 1665Charles County, Maryland I21776
4 BELAINE, Elizabeth  25 Feb 1687Charles County, Maryland I21901
5 BELAINE, Grace  Abt 1663Charles County, Maryland I21775
6 BELAINE, Nicholas  10 Nov 1658Charles County, Maryland I5648
7 BLYSARD, Catherine  1638Charles County, Maryland I12681
8 BOSWELL, Chloe  Aft 1745Charles County, Maryland I21861
9 DUNNINGTON, Elizabeth  Abt 1736Charles County, Maryland I21874
10 DUNNINGTON, Elizabeth  1742Charles County, Maryland I21829
11 DUNNINGTON, Francis Jr.  1700Charles County, Maryland I21833
12 DUNNINGTON, Francis  1700Charles County, Maryland I21918
13 ELGIN, Ann  Abt 1715Charles County, Maryland I21834
14 ELGIN, Catherine  17 Jul 1772Charles County, Maryland I21839
15 ELGIN, William Sr.  Abt 1717Charles County, Maryland I21840
16 HARRISON, Elizabeth  11 Mar 1663Charles County, Maryland I21820
17 HARRISON, Elizabeth  1730Charles County, Maryland I21841
18 HOBART, Elizabeth  1732Charles County, Maryland I21892
19 HOBART, Moses  1709Charles County, Maryland I21894
20 LOMAX, Cleborn  22 Jan 1677Charles County, Maryland I21904
21 LUCKETT, Jannet  Abt 1746Charles County, Maryland I21844
22 MADDOX, Benjamin  1693Charles County, Maryland I20566
23 MATHEWS, Sarah  Charles County, Maryland I18469
24 PERRY, Mary  1714Charles County, Maryland I20564
25 PHILPOTT, Edward  14 Jan 1687Charles County, Maryland I21785
26 PHILPOTT, Francis  Abt 1728Charles County, Maryland I21891
27 POSEY, Allison  04 Sep 1744Charles County, Maryland I21890
28 POSEY, Ann  Abt 1757Charles County, Maryland I21867
29 POSEY, Anne  Abt 1651Charles County, Maryland I5649
30 POSEY, Bayne  1749Charles County, Maryland I21860
31 POSEY, Belaine  Abt 1697Charles County, Maryland I21880
32 POSEY, Benjamin  Abt 1668Charles County, Maryland I21777
33 POSEY, Benjamin  May 1734Charles County, Maryland I21886
34 POSEY, Benjamin Lane  1743Charles County, Maryland I21795
35 POSEY, Benjamin Lane  02 Nov 1790Charles County, Maryland I21854
36 POSEY, BenjaminJr  Abt 1685Charles County, Maryland I21878
37 POSEY, Bennett  08 Jun 1731Charles County, Maryland I21884
38 POSEY, Catherine  1762Charles County, Maryland I21830
39 POSEY, Charity  02 Jun 1743Charles County, Maryland I21889
40 POSEY, David Price  25 Feb 1781Charles County, Maryland I21849
41 POSEY, Easter  Abt 1751Charles County, Maryland I21864
42 POSEY, Edward  1720Charles County, Maryland I20558
43 POSEY, Elizabeth  Abt 1675Charles County, Maryland I21786
44 POSEY, Frances  1716Charles County, Maryland I20556
45 POSEY, Harrison  1735Charles County, Maryland I21798
46 POSEY, Hebbard  Charles County, Maryland I21850
47 POSEY, Henry  1766Charles County, Maryland I21832
48 POSEY, Humphrey  01 Feb 1683Charles County, Maryland I21791
49 POSEY, Humphrey  1718Charles County, Maryland I20557
50 POSEY, Humphrey  Abt 1732Charles County, Maryland I21872

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Elizabeth  22 Feb 1756Charles County, Maryland I21843
2 BELAINE, Elizabeth  Aft 1725Charles County, Maryland I21901
3 BELAINE, John  1663Charles County, Maryland I21906
4 BOSWELL, Chloe  Aft 1792Charles County, Maryland I21861
5 CORNISH, Edward  Bef 20 Jun 1713Charles County, Maryland I21790
6 DIGGES, William  1698Charles County, Maryland I21133
7 DUNNINGTON, Elizabeth  1789Charles County, Maryland I21829
8 DUNNINGTON, Elizabeth  1789Charles County, Maryland I21874
9 DUNNINGTON, Francis  1789Charles County, Maryland I21918
10 DUNNINGTON, FrancisSr  Charles County, Maryland I21919
11 ELGIN, George Sr.  15 Dec 1748Charles County, Maryland I21842
12 ELGIN, William Sr.  Sep 1794Charles County, Maryland I21840
13 HARRISON, Elizabeth  Charles County, Maryland I21820
14 HARRISON, Elizabeth  19 Aug 1776Charles County, Maryland I21841
15 HARRISON, Joseph  25 Dec 1673Charles County, Maryland I21821
16 HOBART, Moses  1780Charles County, Maryland I21894
17 HUMPHRIES, Elizabeth  Bef 1669Charles County, Maryland I21907
18 LOMAX, Cleborn  Bef 28 Jan 1729Charles County, Maryland I21904
19 MADDOX, Benjamin  19 Sep 1770Charles County, Maryland I20566
20 MADDOX, Cornelius  Feb 1705Charles County, Maryland I21869
21 MADDOX, Elizabeth  Abt 1774Charles County, Maryland I20570
22 MEEK, Mary  22 May 1825Charles County, Maryland I21838
23 POSEY, Bayne  26 Mar 1775Charles County, Maryland I21860
24 POSEY, Benjamin  21 Mar 1716Charles County, Maryland I21777
25 POSEY, BenjaminJr  28 Jul 1750Charles County, Maryland I21878
26 POSEY, Catherine  1841Charles County, Maryland I21830
27 POSEY, Edward  19 May 1778Charles County, Maryland I20558
28 POSEY, Francis  Between 03 Mar 1653 and 23 May 1654Charles County, Maryland I10771
29 POSEY, Humphrey  1718Charles County, Maryland I21791
30 POSEY, Humphrey  28 Feb 1784Charles County, Maryland I20557
31 POSEY, Humphrey  1812Charles County, Maryland I21872
32 POSEY, James  28 Jan 1828Charles County, Maryland I21831
33 POSEY, John  Abt 1687Charles County, Maryland I20571
34 POSEY, John  17 Feb 1759Charles County, Maryland I20551
35 POSEY, John  1771Charles County, Maryland I20554
36 POSEY, Rhodum  1787Charles County, Maryland I20559
37 POSEY, Richard  08 Jul 1734Charles County, Maryland I20553
38 POSEY, Susanah  1706Charles County, Maryland I21783
39 POSEY, Thomas Shuttlesworth  30 Oct 1784Charles County, Maryland I5168
40 POSEY, Walter  10 May 1777Charles County, Maryland I20560
41 RIGG, John  1711Charles County, Maryland I21902
42 RIGG, Thomas  Abt Nov 1761Charles County, Maryland I21903
43 ROBINS, Margaret  Charles County, Maryland I21823
44 ROBINS, Richard  Bef 02 Sep 1705Charles County, Maryland I21793
45 SHUTTLEWORTH, Lydia  Aft 26 May 1749Charles County, Maryland I20552
46 SHUTTLEWORTH, Thomas  Charles County, Maryland I21794
47 SMALLWOOD, Mary  Sep 1712Charles County, Maryland I21870
48 UNKNOWN, Susanna  1716Charles County, Maryland I20572


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / POSEY  1768Charles County, Maryland F8554
2 BELAINE / BAYNE  Abt 1685Charles County, Maryland F2689
3 BIGGS / POSEY  1753Charles County, Maryland F8552
4 COLLIAR / BELAINE  Abt 1678Charles County, Maryland F8506
5 DIGGES / SEWALL  Abt 1675Charles County, Maryland F8299
6 ELGIN / HARRISON  15 Sep 1752Charles County, Maryland F8540
7 ELGIN / POSEY  1778Charles County, Maryland F8539
8 LOMAX / BOSWELL  Bef 1775Charles County, Maryland F8546
9 LOMAX / POSEY  Bef 17 Feb 1717Charles County, Maryland F8510
10 MADDOX / POSEY  Abt 1729Charles County, Maryland F8156
11 MCNEAL / POSEY  20 Feb 1730Charles County, Maryland F8511
12 MILLER / BAYNE  Abt 1717Charles County, Maryland F8508
13 MOULD / POSEY  Abt 1669Charles County, Maryland F2691
14 PARSONS / POSEY  1748Charles County, Maryland F8160
15 PHILPOTT / POSEY  Abt 1687Charles County, Maryland F8513
16 PHILPOTT / POSEY  Abt 1750Charles County, Maryland F8551
17 POSEY / BATEMAN  1724Charles County, Maryland F8549
18 POSEY / BAYNE  Abt 1690Charles County, Maryland F8507
19 POSEY / DUNNINGTON  1755Charles County, Maryland F8547
20 POSEY / DUNNINGTON  Abt 1760Charles County, Maryland F8531
21 POSEY / ELGIN  1794Charles County, Maryland F8538
22 POSEY / HOBART  1756Charles County, Maryland F8553
23 POSEY / LEMASTER  1718Charles County, Maryland F8516
24 POSEY / LUCKETT  Abt 1769Charles County, Maryland F8533
25 POSEY / MADDOX  Abt 1755Charles County, Maryland F8148
26 POSEY / MUSGROVE  1770Charles County, Maryland F8534
27 POSEY / PERRY  Abt 1735Charles County, Maryland F8154
28 POSEY / POSEY  Jul 1790Charles County, Maryland F8532
29 POSEY / RATCLIFF  Abt 1750Charles County, Maryland F2428
30 POSEY / SHUTTLEWORTH  Abt 1708Charles County, Maryland F2526
31 POSEY / SKINNER  Mar 1778Charles County, Maryland F8555
32 POSEY / UNKNOWN  Abt 1666Charles County, Maryland F8149
33 POSEY / UNKNOWN  1728Charles County, Maryland F8152
34 RIGG / POSEY  Abt 1705Charles County, Maryland F8509
35 SHUTTLEWORTH / HARRISON  Abt 1682Charles County, Maryland F8151
36 SMITH / HUMPHRIES  Abt 1665Charles County, Maryland F8512
37 WHALING / POSEY  1748Charles County, Maryland F8159