Houston County, Georgia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AKINS, Kathryn Ilene  30 Jan 1922Houston County, Georgia I12417
2 AVERA, JG  27 Dec 1862Houston County, Georgia I28714
3 AVERA, Maggie Lou  12 Apr 1880Houston County, Georgia I20925
4 LEWIS, ZachariahJr  Mar 1859Houston County, Georgia I2048
5 MATHEWS, Anna E  Sep 1892Houston County, Georgia I20924
6 MATHEWS, BenJr Frank  06 Jun 1890Houston County, Georgia I18190
7 MATHEWS, Bertha  Apr 1880Houston County, Georgia I18395
8 MATHEWS, Charles  Jul 1873Houston County, Georgia I18389
9 MATHEWS, Esmee L  Dec 1897Houston County, Georgia I20926
10 MATHEWS, Eva Irene  12 Dec 1898Houston County, Georgia I24036
11 MATHEWS, Fleetwood  Jul 1876Houston County, Georgia I18390
12 MATHEWS, George William  Aug 1858Houston County, Georgia I20999
13 MATHEWS, Helen  Abt 1864Houston County, Georgia I21002
14 MATHEWS, Henry Asbury  Nov 1855Houston County, Georgia I21001
15 MATHEWS, Minnie C  1878Houston County, Georgia I18394
16 MATHEWS, Samuel Moore  Apr 1860Houston County, Georgia I21000
17 MOORE, Drusena Arena  01 Sep 1855Houston County, Georgia I2086
18 ODOM, CSA Joshua U  13 Nov 1835Houston County, Georgia I9611
19 PARKER, Delilah  Abt 1793Houston County, Georgia I19851
20 ROUSE, CSA James M.  1830Houston County, Georgia I1682
21 ROUSE, Mary J  1833Houston County, Georgia I26246
22 ROUSE, Sarah Ann  1835Houston County, Georgia I26247
23 TAYLOR, Ardilla  Houston County, Georgia I4256
24 UNKNOWN, Dianne  1810Houston County, Georgia I4873
25 WADE, Robert Lee  04 Apr 1873Houston County, Georgia I2133
26 WALKER, Betzy Blackshear  Houston County, Georgia I24298


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BATEMAN, Elizabeth  Aft 1910Houston County, Georgia I18388
2 JONES, Eva G  Houston County, Georgia I21008
3 JOYNER, Ebenezer Wesley  16 Jan 1876Houston County, Georgia I23641
4 JOYNER, Ida  10 Jun 1971Houston County, Georgia I12324
5 LEWIS, Elizabeth  Bef 1860Houston County, Georgia I2211
6 MATHEWS, CSA Benjamin F  18 Nov 1923Houston County, Georgia I12854
7 MATHEWS, CSA Enoch S  Aft 1910Houston County, Georgia I12821
8 MATHEWS, Eva Irene  28 Apr 1990Houston County, Georgia I24036
9 MATHEWS, Joel Columbus  18 Jan 1966Houston County, Georgia I11733
10 MATHEWS, John Robert  19 Feb 1919Houston County, Georgia I21006
11 MUSSELWHITE, Jasper C. (Lummie)  16 Mar 1946Houston County, Georgia I16077
12 ROWELL, Elizabeth 'Betsy'  05 Apr 1905Houston County, Georgia I12382
13 ROWLAND, Agnes Irene  25 Nov 1933Houston County, Georgia I11743
14 SIMPSON, ThomasJr.  Abt 1848Houston County, Georgia I9845
15 SINGLETARY, Michael Kenon Sr.  03 Mar 1862Houston County, Georgia I6797
16 SINGLETARY, Thomas L  Abt 1860Houston County, Georgia I13967
17 UNKNOWN, Martha L  Aft 1900Houston County, Georgia I20927
18 VISAGE, Mattie Belle  01 Jan 1971Houston County, Georgia I15815


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MATHEWS / BATEMAN  Abt 1871Houston County, Georgia F5487
2 MATHEWS / GREEN  15 Jan 1851Houston County, Georgia F8266
3 MATHEWS / JONES  17 Aug 1869Houston County, Georgia F8278
4 MATHEWS / MURPHY  1896Houston County, Georgia F8273
5 ROLLINS / BRITT  20 Mar 1887Houston County, Georgia F1339
6 SINCLAIR / CULPEPPER  Bef 1846Houston County, Georgia F8458
7 WADE / MOORE  04 May 1869Houston County, Georgia F1238