New Jersey



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEARDSLEY, Robert  1816New Jersey I22338
2 BROWN, Edward L  Abt 1903New Jersey P2224
3 CASE, Daniel H.  Abt 1848New Jersey I22381
4 CODDINGTON, John  1751New Jersey I19940
5 COOL, Charlotte Melissa  25 Jul 1853New Jersey I22379
6 DAY, Frank P  24 Feb 1853New Jersey I22234
7 DENISOFF, Nellie  Abt 1903New Jersey P3816
8 DERNBERGER, William C.  Jul 1854New Jersey I22331
9 DOLSEN, Harriet  1820New Jersey P2906
10 DUNHAM, RS Josiah  01 Apr 1753New Jersey I12483
11 FORD, Arthur  29 July 1841New Jersey P661
12 FORD, Eilza Hosack  12 Apr 1838New Jersey P662
13 FORD, Emily Hosack  13 Nov 1854New Jersey P660
14 FORD, Jane Millen  25 Nov 1830New Jersey P669
15 FORD, Millen  4 July 1834New Jersey P665
16 LAMBERTSON, William  1815New Jersey I22182
17 MABEY, Violet Dolores  19 May 1915New Jersey P1139
18 MELICK, Aaron  9 Feb 1800New Jersey P80
19 NOVACK, Jessie  Abt 1904New Jersey P953
20 NOVACK, Sadie  3 Feb 1906New Jersey P952
21 PATTEN, Elizabeth A  Abt 1906New Jersey P2220
22 PATTEN, Elmer H  Abt 1901New Jersey P1348
23 PATTEN, Eugene W  15 Jul 1907New Jersey P2219
24 PATTEN, Frederick Smith  12 Mar 1888New Jersey P1353
25 PATTEN, Mabel F  Mar 1897New Jersey P1349
26 PATTEN, Sidney F  Abt 1907New Jersey P1347
27 RANSCHER, Austin W  Abt 1906New Jersey P1257
28 SLY, Leroy  22 Jan 1925New Jersey P1132
29 STEINHOFF, Benjamin  31 Mar 1781New Jersey I26461
30 STORMS, Bertha  13 Oct 1898New Jersey P1143
31 TEN BROECK, Helen Elizabeth  1768New Jersey P2051
32 TEN BROECK BEEKMAN, Jacob  10 April 1801New Jersey P2050
33 VAN DWYNE, Walter Edward  11 Apr 1921New Jersey P1145
34 VANDUYNE, Florence  Sep 1888New Jersey P1104
35 VANDUYNE, Melda  21 Jan 1892New Jersey P1103


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLOOMFIELD, Thomas  New Jersey I7399
2 MABEY, William H Jr  1936New Jersey P1110
3 WINDECKER, Mary  1776New Jersey I1646


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 WINTEMUTE / WINDECKER  Bef 1772New Jersey F1000