Newberry County, South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BUNDRICK, Frederick Charles  Abt 1760Newberry County, South Carolina I1426
2 CANNON, Elizabeth A  24 Jan 1822Newberry County, South Carolina I25679
3 CANNON, James  Abt 1739Newberry County, South Carolina I17269
4 CANNON, Susannah  Abt 1742Newberry County, South Carolina I17271
5 CROMER, Adam Boyd  26 Sep 1792Newberry County, South Carolina I694
6 CROMER, Adam Frederick  22 Feb 1824Newberry County, South Carolina I705
7 CROMER, Ann Elizabeth  31 Jan 1820Newberry County, South Carolina I704
8 CROMER, JacobJr  Abt 1765Newberry County, South Carolina I664
9 CROMER, James  Abt 1817Newberry County, South Carolina I689
10 CROMER, Mary  1815Newberry County, South Carolina I696
11 CROMER, Nancy J.  Newberry County, South Carolina I702
12 CROMER, Rebecca  Abt 1797Newberry County, South Carolina I688
13 CROMER, Thomas Hoard  31 Mar 1816Newberry County, South Carolina I703
14 DALRYMPLE, John  Abt 1735Newberry County, South Carolina I25710
15 FELKER, Elizabeth  1773Newberry County, South Carolina I522
16 FELKER, Polly  Abt 1775Newberry County, South Carolina I625
17 FRYE, Mary Louisa  Between 1765 and 1774Newberry County, South Carolina I1428
18 GOREE, Virgil Osborne  23 Jan 1912Newberry County, South Carolina I12625
19 HOARD, Frances  24 Feb 1787Newberry County, South Carolina I701
20 KINNARD, Elizabeth  Abt 1813Newberry County, South Carolina I1420
21 KOON, Elizabeth  25 Feb 1796Newberry County, South Carolina I17649
22 LEITZSEY, Rebecca  Abt 1800Newberry County, South Carolina I1408
23 SETZLER, Elizabeth  1790Newberry County, South Carolina I1419
24 SLIGH, George A  22 Oct 1822Newberry County, South Carolina I25676
25 SLIGH, Nancy P  26 Jan 1827Newberry County, South Carolina I25677
26 SOUTER, Anna Elizabeth  25 Feb 1786Newberry County, South Carolina I1416
27 SOUTER, Catherine J.  25 Feb 1794Newberry County, South Carolina I1423
28 SUBER, Annie  Abt 1798Newberry County, South Carolina I655
29 SUBER, Conrad  Abt 1774Newberry County, South Carolina I626
30 SUBER, Daniel  14 Oct 1791Newberry County, South Carolina I1407
31 SUBER, David  05 Jan 1784Newberry County, South Carolina I1410
32 SUBER, Elizabeth  17 Apr 1779Newberry County, South Carolina I1409
33 SUBER, Eugene  1868Newberry County, South Carolina I17104
34 SUBER, George  1790Newberry County, South Carolina I1413
35 SUBER, Henry  18 Jan 1786Newberry County, South Carolina I1411
36 SUBER, Idella  1866Newberry County, South Carolina I17103
37 SUBER, Inez  1873Newberry County, South Carolina I17111
38 SUBER, Jacob  11 Sep 1793Newberry County, South Carolina I1397
39 SUBER, Jimmie  1877Newberry County, South Carolina I17108
40 SUBER, John Samuel JeffersonSr  28 Dec 1856Newberry County, South Carolina I624
41 SUBER, Julius R  1873Newberry County, South Carolina I17106
42 SUBER, Lucy  1878Newberry County, South Carolina I17113
43 SUBER, Martha E  1870Newberry County, South Carolina I17105
44 SUBER, Martin  1788Newberry County, South Carolina I1412
45 SUBER, Mary  1874Newberry County, South Carolina I17107
46 SUBER, Mary  1874Newberry County, South Carolina I17114
47 SUBER, Minnie  1870Newberry County, South Carolina I17110
48 SUBER, Rachel  Between 1800 and 1810Newberry County, South Carolina I630
49 SUBER, Rebecca  1800Newberry County, South Carolina I1414
50 SUBER, Warren Dwaye  1875Newberry County, South Carolina I17112

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BUNDRICK, Frederick Charles  Abt 1807Newberry County, South Carolina I1426
2 BUNDRICK, Mary Magdelena  Abt 1828Newberry County, South Carolina I25675
3 BUZZARD, Mary  Abt 1832Newberry County, South Carolina I1418
4 CANNON, Elizabeth A  24 Dec 1880Newberry County, South Carolina I25679
5 CANNON, Isaac  09 Aug 1808Newberry County, South Carolina I25614
6 CANNON, Susannah  1805Newberry County, South Carolina I17271
7 COUNTS, Walter  14 Apr 1880Newberry County, South Carolina I17222
8 CROMER, James  Bef 12 Jul 1828Newberry County, South Carolina I689
9 CROMER, Sarah  Bef 1870Newberry County, South Carolina I661
10 DALRYMPLE, John  28 Feb 1798Newberry County, South Carolina I25710
11 FRYE, Mary Louisa  Abt 1831Newberry County, South Carolina I1428
12 HALFACRE, Henry  12 Jul 1828Newberry County, South Carolina I1415
13 HOARD, Frances  05 Mar 1849Newberry County, South Carolina I701
14 KOON, Elizabeth  17 Aug 1867Newberry County, South Carolina I17649
15 PENNINGTON, Lydia  1790Newberry County, South Carolina I17274
16 RABB, Sara Elizabeth (Sadie)  21 Nov 1976Newberry County, South Carolina I12611
17 RIDLEHUBER, George Michael  1800Newberry County, South Carolina I1430
18 RISER, Martin  30 Oct 1868Newberry County, South Carolina I16999
19 SEIGLER, Barbara  Abt 1828Newberry County, South Carolina I524
20 SETZLER, Elizabeth  1833Newberry County, South Carolina I1419
21 SLIGH, Catherine  1826Newberry County, South Carolina I1432
22 SLIGH, Christina  Oct 1847Newberry County, South Carolina I665
23 SLIGH, George  04 Jun 1832Newberry County, South Carolina I17320
24 SLIGH, George A  14 Nov 1903Newberry County, South Carolina I25676
25 SLIGH, Nancy P  04 May 1909Newberry County, South Carolina I25677
26 SOUTER, Anna Elizabeth  17 Aug 1867Newberry County, South Carolina I1416
27 SUBER, David  17 Feb 1817Newberry County, South Carolina I1410
28 SUBER, David Drayton  10 Aug 1843Newberry County, South Carolina I662
29 SUBER, Effie Lucinda  16 Jun 1863Newberry County, South Carolina I10915
30 SUBER, Eustacia Ann  27 Mar 1883Newberry County, South Carolina I11087
31 SUBER, George  Feb 1824Newberry County, South Carolina I1413
32 SUBER, Harriet Shartell  1838Newberry County, South Carolina I17639
33 SUBER, Henry  18 May 1854Newberry County, South Carolina I1411
34 SUBER, Henry  28 Oct 1856Newberry County, South Carolina I1785
35 SUBER, Henry Jefferson  06 Dec 1952Newberry County, South Carolina I12614
36 SUBER, John Samuel JeffersonJr  13 Jun 1957Newberry County, South Carolina I12604
37 SUBER, Martin  1855Newberry County, South Carolina I1412
38 SUBER, Minnie Rabb  13 Nov 1987Newberry County, South Carolina I12621
39 SUBER, Rachel  Between 1830 and 1835Newberry County, South Carolina I630
40 SUBER, Rebecca  18 Oct 1864Newberry County, South Carolina I1414
41 SUBER, RS ConradSr  May 1814Newberry County, South Carolina I619
42 SUBER, William  30 Jun 1835Newberry County, South Carolina I656
43 SWINDLER, Sarah  05 Jul 1845Newberry County, South Carolina I1417
44 SWITTENBERG, John  22 Nov 1867Newberry County, South Carolina I25678
45 WICKER, Agnes  Aug 1821Newberry County, South Carolina I1425
46 WICKER, John Uriah  1808Newberry County, South Carolina I1431
47 WICKER, JohnSr Henry  Abt 1819Newberry County, South Carolina I1424
48 WICKER, Lucy Rebecca  1814Newberry County, South Carolina I1396
49 WICKER, Magdelana  Bef 1829Newberry County, South Carolina I1429


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CROMER, Ann Elizabeth  Newberry County, South Carolina I704
2 CROMER, Thomas Hoard  Newberry County, South Carolina I703


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COUNTS / SUBER  Abt 1864Newberry County, South Carolina F4819
2 CROMER / SUBER  04 Feb 1869Newberry County, South Carolina F1183
3 DALRYMPLE / CANNON  1762Newberry County, South Carolina F7167
4 FELKER / CROMER  1835Newberry County, South Carolina F467
5 FELKER / HOGG  07 Feb 1869Newberry County, South Carolina F1073
6 FELTMAN / DICKERT  Newberry County, South Carolina F1180
7 LEITZSEY / SUBER  Abt 1907Newberry County, South Carolina F1179
8 SUBER / KOON  Newberry County, South Carolina F1189
9 SUBER / MORE  30 Jun 1857Newberry County, South Carolina F1100
10 SUBER / SOUTER  Dec 1807Newberry County, South Carolina F861
11 WICKER / CROMER  Newberry County, South Carolina F1148