Robeson County, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRANCH, Elias  1788Robeson County, North Carolina I23800
2 BRITT, Samuel Elisha  07 Feb 1848Robeson County, North Carolina I20321
3 BYRD, Amelia (Emily)  27 Dec 1827Robeson County, North Carolina I7567
4 BYRD, Charles WilliamJr  16 Apr 1862Robeson County, North Carolina I8354
5 BYRD, Charles WilliamSr  23 Jan 1835Robeson County, North Carolina I8347
6 BYRD, Evander  22 Apr 1875Robeson County, North Carolina I8360
7 BYRD, Fannie  05 Oct 1873Robeson County, North Carolina I8359
8 BYRD, Frances  1833Robeson County, North Carolina I8342
9 BYRD, Henry  1817Robeson County, North Carolina I7659
10 BYRD, Martha  29 Jan 1830Robeson County, North Carolina I8321
11 BYRD, Mary Addie  15 Jun 1870Robeson County, North Carolina I8358
12 BYRD, Polly Mary Ann  16 Dec 1823Robeson County, North Carolina I8320
13 BYRD, Sarah Sally  1820Robeson County, North Carolina I8319
14 BYRD, WilliamJr  Abt 1785Robeson County, North Carolina I8309
15 CALLAGHAN, Susan  1801Robeson County, North Carolina I4058
16 CURRIE, Malcom  1796Robeson County, North Carolina I4052
17 HAMMONS, Henry E.  Abt 1850Robeson County, North Carolina I8317
18 HENDERSON, John Jackson Sr  15 Oct 1798Robeson County, North Carolina I15428
19 HESTER, Elizabeth  1789Robeson County, North Carolina I8855
20 HOWELL, James William  11 Sep 1805Robeson County, North Carolina I7790
21 HOWELL, Nancy Regan  02 Feb 1834Robeson County, North Carolina I7780
22 LEWIS, Nancy  Abt 1820Robeson County, North Carolina I20316
23 PARKER, Amelia Emily Thomas  31 Mar 1804Robeson County, North Carolina I8313
24 PARKER, Harriet  25 Sep 1809Robeson County, North Carolina I7225
25 PARKER, Ralph Regan  24 Mar 1802Robeson County, North Carolina I8310
26 PARKER, Sarah Regan  17 Aug 1812Robeson County, North Carolina I8315
27 PARNELL, Henry  1831Robeson County, North Carolina I8343
28 REGAN, Captain Ralph  Abt 1736Robeson County, North Carolina I8305
29 REGAN, Martha  1774Robeson County, North Carolina I8330
30 REGAN, Nancy E  1781Robeson County, North Carolina I8332
31 REGAN, Sarah P.  16 Apr 1779Robeson County, North Carolina I8304
32 REGAN, Sarah Sally  16 Apr 1779Robeson County, North Carolina I7185
33 RICE, Nora  06 Aug 1888Robeson County, North Carolina I9056
34 SINGLETARY, Amanda E.  1859Robeson County, North Carolina I6235
35 SINGLETARY, Bertha B.  16 Jul 1887Robeson County, North Carolina I6954
36 SINGLETARY, Charles F  29 Jul 1867Robeson County, North Carolina I6232
37 SINGLETARY, Cora L  07 Jun 1879Robeson County, North Carolina I9057
38 SINGLETARY, David Byrd  Aug 1854Robeson County, North Carolina I7012
39 SINGLETARY, Elizabeth A  1844Robeson County, North Carolina I6236
40 SINGLETARY, Emily  1833Robeson County, North Carolina I6482
41 SINGLETARY, Exey Gladys Leacy  23 Jan 1851Robeson County, North Carolina I6233
42 SINGLETARY, Franklin P.  1830Robeson County, North Carolina I6481
43 SINGLETARY, Ithamar  Abt 1725Robeson County, North Carolina I6334
44 SINGLETARY, Martha J  1853Robeson County, North Carolina I7662
45 SINGLETARY, Mary Matilda  01 Jan 1847Robeson County, North Carolina I6237
46 SINGLETARY, Sara  1828Robeson County, North Carolina I6480
47 SINGLETARY, Sarah Emma  1846Robeson County, North Carolina I6234
48 SINGLETARY, William W  03 Aug 1916Robeson County, North Carolina I9059
49 SINGLETARY, William Warren  20 Nov 1849Robeson County, North Carolina I6230
50 SMITH, Alford Larnce  18 Jun 1854Robeson County, North Carolina I6975

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRYAN, Margaret D.  29 Nov 1867Robeson County, North Carolina I8348
2 BYRD, Amelia (Emily)  05 Nov 1898Robeson County, North Carolina I7567
3 BYRD, Charles WilliamSr  06 Apr 1902Robeson County, North Carolina I8347
4 BYRD, Martha  22 Apr 1894Robeson County, North Carolina I8321
5 BYRD, Polly Mary Ann  30 Aug 1891Robeson County, North Carolina I8320
6 BYRD, Sarah Margaret  03 Jan 1920Robeson County, North Carolina I8356
7 BYRD, WilliamJr  Abt 1840Robeson County, North Carolina I8309
8 HARREL, Ann Millie  1795Robeson County, North Carolina I8306
9 HESTER, Mary  29 May 1861Robeson County, North Carolina I8857
10 HESTER, Montgomery Robinson  01 Feb 1927Robeson County, North Carolina I7677
11 HESTER, Rebecca  Robeson County, North Carolina I8861
12 HESTER, Sarah  11 Apr 1875Robeson County, North Carolina I8860
13 HESTER, William  Aft 19 May 1822Robeson County, North Carolina I8836
14 LEWIS, Edward  10 Jul 1857Robeson County, North Carolina I19115
15 LEWIS, Lucy Ann  1896Robeson County, North Carolina I8935
16 LOCK, Benjamin  Aft 1820Robeson County, North Carolina I20079
17 MALLOY, Sarah  1832Robeson County, North Carolina I8337
18 MERCER, Rev Noah  12 Jan 1904Robeson County, North Carolina I8323
19 PARKER, Martha  Abt 1880Robeson County, North Carolina I8308
20 PARKER, Rev Francis John  Abt 1830Robeson County, North Carolina I8303
21 PARKER, Rev. Francis  Abt 1830Robeson County, North Carolina I7764
22 PHILIPS, John  03 Nov 1877Robeson County, North Carolina I8865
23 POWERS, Matthew  08 Jun 1858Robeson County, North Carolina I8335
24 REGAN, Captain Ralph  1795Robeson County, North Carolina I8305
25 REGAN, Eliza Melinda  09 May 1909Robeson County, North Carolina I8351
26 REGAN, Joseph  11 Aug 1843Robeson County, North Carolina I8327
27 REGAN, Richard  1810Robeson County, North Carolina I8331
28 RICE, Nora  18 Oct 1975Robeson County, North Carolina I9056
29 SINGLETARY, Armstead  29 Aug 1888Robeson County, North Carolina I6217
30 SINGLETARY, Bertha B.  21 Jan 1966Robeson County, North Carolina I6954
31 SINGLETARY, C.S.A Joshua Kay  12 Mar 1911Robeson County, North Carolina I6300
32 SINGLETARY, Charles F  19 Mar 1908Robeson County, North Carolina I6232
33 SINGLETARY, Cora L  25 Jun 1905Robeson County, North Carolina I9057
34 SINGLETARY, Dollie Amelia  15 Aug 1973Robeson County, North Carolina I6952
35 SINGLETARY, Exey Gladys Leacy  08 May 1907Robeson County, North Carolina I6233
36 SINGLETARY, John Thurman  07 Apr 1917Robeson County, North Carolina I6951
37 SINGLETARY, R.S Ithamar  22 May 1822Robeson County, North Carolina I6430
38 SINGLETARY, Sarah Emma  19 Sep 1919Robeson County, North Carolina I6234
39 SINGLETARY, William W  1988Robeson County, North Carolina I9059
40 SINGLETARY, William Warren  24 Oct 1922Robeson County, North Carolina I6230
41 SMITH, Alford Larnce  May 1935Robeson County, North Carolina I6975
42 SMITH, Sarah Catherine  19 Jul 1939Robeson County, North Carolina I7197
43 SMITH, Seth  12 Feb 1893Robeson County, North Carolina I8936
44 UNKNOWN, Eliza E.  05 Jan 1915Robeson County, North Carolina I9055
45 WOOD, Mary  Abt 1830Robeson County, North Carolina I8318


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALLEN / BYRD  10 Nov 1836Robeson County, North Carolina F3816
2 BYRD / BRYAN  16 Apr 1860Robeson County, North Carolina F3828
3 BYRD / REGAN  22 Jul 1869Robeson County, North Carolina F3829
4 HAMMONS / SINGLETARY  18 Apr 1872Robeson County, North Carolina F3651
5 HESTER / REGAN  1796Robeson County, North Carolina F3634
6 HESTER / SMITH  21 Dec 1827Robeson County, North Carolina F3986
7 HESTER / TAYLOR  19 Jun 1821Robeson County, North Carolina F3979
8 HILBURN / PARKER  26 Aug 1822Robeson County, North Carolina F3814
9 NANCE / LEWIS  Abt 1850Robeson County, North Carolina F8091
10 PARKER / HODGE  04 Jul 1834Robeson County, North Carolina F3813
11 PARKER / REGAN  05 Jan 1797Robeson County, North Carolina F3501
12 PARKER / REGAN  05 Jan 1797Robeson County, North Carolina F3519
13 PARKER / SHAW  08 Feb 1828Robeson County, North Carolina F3812
14 POWERS / REGAN  Abt 1792Robeson County, North Carolina F3823
15 REGAN / MALLOY  Abt 1794Robeson County, North Carolina F3820
16 REGAN / MCLAUGHLIN  20 Oct 1834Robeson County, North Carolina F3821
17 REGAN / UNKOWN  Abt 1790Robeson County, North Carolina F3822
18 SINGLETARY / BRITT  Robeson County, North Carolina F3429
19 SINGLETARY / HOWELL  23 Feb 1829Robeson County, North Carolina F3180
20 SINGLETARY / MCDONALD  10 Nov 1903Robeson County, North Carolina F3428
21 SINGLETARY / PARKER  23 Jan 1827Robeson County, North Carolina F3303
22 SINGLETARY / SMITH  20 Dec 1866Robeson County, North Carolina F3086
23 SMITH / SINGLETARY  Abt 1880Robeson County, North Carolina F3045
24 SMITH / SINGLETARY  Abt 1885Robeson County, North Carolina F3046