Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada



Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 KATTLER, Erica Elizabeth  11 Nov 1916Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I160
2 KATTLER, Irvin  1913Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I159
3 KRIENKE, Vincent Ralph Wilfred  14 Jul 1926Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I121
4 OSCZEVSKI, Emil Lawrence  1 Jul 1914Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I443
5 OSCZEVSKI, Leopold Joseph  23 Mar 1916Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I464
6 PARKER, Donald Charles  28 Apr 1928Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I71
7 STRONG, Raymond Vollhoffer  15 Mar 1915Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I168
8 VOLLHOFFER, Jacob 'Jack' Leo  10 Mar 1909Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I164
9 VOLLHOFFER, Jacobina Amelia 'Emily'  17 Apr 1910Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I165
10 VOLLHOFFER, Johnny  UnknownSouthey, Saskatchewan, Canada I389
11 ZRAL, Adolph 'Duff' Johan  15 Jul 1913Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I122


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BESSLER, Margaretha 'Marie' Elizabeth  1908Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I115
2 BURKE, Daniel  1915Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I297
3 BURKE, John Murdock  4 Jun 1928Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I171
4 CZAROWITZ, Anna  1945Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I283
5 HUBER, Anna 'Annie'  1973Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I1048
6 KATTLER, Barbara Eleanore  19 May 1944Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I157
7 TWARDOCHLEB, Johann 'John'  1942Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I282
8 TWARDOCHLEB, Titus C.  29 Feb 1968Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I161
9 URSAKI, George Alexander  22 Oct 2000Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I374
10 VOLLHOFFER, Katherine  4 Mar 1919Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I1023
11 VOLLHOFFER, Michael  1942Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I377
12 WATZLAVEK, Theresia  26 Feb 1918Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada I1022