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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AMOS, Anna  Abt 1866United States P3228
2 BARGER, Elsie M  Abt 1879United States P2196
3 BEWSON, Frank E  Abt 1897United States P2203
4 CASWELL, William A  1877United States P268
5 DOLSON, Chas Jr  11 May 1909United States P1123
6 DOLSON, E??ad  Abt 1895United States P1280
7 DOLSON, George  21 May 1912United States P1119
8 DOLSON, Harold J  9 Jun 1901United States P1121
9 DOLSON, Hilda  5 Feb 1900United States P1122
10 DOLSON, Jennie  18 Nov 1903United States P1120
11 DOLSON, John Manard  31 Mar 1906United States P1117
12 DOLSON, Nelson V  25 Mar 1921United States P1281
13 DURHAM, Sarah  14 Apr 1777United States P414
14 DYCKMAN, Mary C  Abt 1873United States P2204
15 DYCKMAN, Vera L  28 Mar 1903United States P2192
16 HAHN, Emery  20 Apr 1827United States P3599
17 HAHN, Ruben  19 Mar 1825United States P3600
18 HAHN, Susan  31 Oct 1837United States P3593
19 HUMPHREY, Paul  29 Jan 1897United States P3135
20 JONES, Mary  1804United States P3478
21 KING, Charles S  Abt 1885United States P1729
22 MALCOLM, Annie  1897United States P976
23 MCOMBER, Byron George  26 Feb 1888United States P3272
24 MELICK, Rebecca  1799United States P244
25 MILLS, William J.  24 May 1890United States I9370
26 PARDO, Lydia  09 Mar 1820United States P96
27 PIRKL, Anthony M  Abt 1899United States P1365
28 RANKIN, Mary Ann  Abt 1844United States P20
29 RHODES, Caroline  1828United States I28876
30 SANOR, Sarah Sally  1803United States P3587
31 SCARLETT, Alfred  1806United States P1935
32 ST JOHN, Bessie D  Abt 1853United States P2872
33 TEEFT, Peter  9 May 1795United States P3471
34 WIENKE, Doris L  Abt 1908United States P3281


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HAHN, Catherine  5 Nov 1861United States P3598
2 HAHN, Emery  1831United States P3599
3 HAHN, Franklin  30 Jun 1877United States P3592
4 HAHN, Mary Ann  7 Jul 1895United States P3596
5 HAHN, Ruben  2 Jun 1872United States P3600
6 HOUCK, Philetus  United States P1677
7 HOWELL, Arthur  United States P2319
8 HOWELL, Edmund  United States P2320
9 KIERSON, Jan  1738United States P509
10 ROSS, Elizabeth  United States P1577
11 WARDWELL, Joseph  United States P3024
12 WEATHERWAX, Anna Barbara  United States P1034
13 WEATHERWAX, Rosina  1780United States P1031
14 WIEDERWACHS, Anna Elizabeth  1780United States P1032


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DOLSEN, Spencer March  United States P1597
2 DOLSON, Josiah Webb  United States P1074
3 GRIFFIS, Daniel Dolson  25 Feb 1912United States P1425
4 PHILLIPS, Deborah  22 Nov 1903United States P1430
5 WIEDERWACHS, Andries  United States P756