Tree: Michelle Walczak Dads Family Tree

Latitude: 56.8397, Longitude: -4.1906

Tree: Steve Fulton UE Family Tree

Latitude: 56.8397, Longitude: -4.1906


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mary  UnknownScotland I1201 Biles Family Tree 
2 ADAMS, Alexander  15 Jul 1862Scotland I16157 Bob-Millie Family Tree 
3 ADAMS, David  Scotland I16003 Bob-Millie Family Tree 
4 Alexander, Ellen  Abt 1825Scotland I4659 Patrick Goodmurphy Family Tree 
5 ALLAN, George  Between 1780 and 1808Scotland I5548 Bob-Millie Family Tree 
6 Anderson, Ellen  9 Sep 1851Scotland P146 Rick Thackeray Family Tree 
7 Angus, Robert  Abt 1859Scotland I22970 Michelle Walczak Dads Family Tree 
8 BAILEY, possibly James  1774Scotland P6410 Toni Walker Family Tree 
9 Biggar, James  1792Scotland I11938 Michelle Walczak Dads Family Tree 
10 Bird, Jane  Abt 1833Scotland I21631 Michelle Walczak Dads Family Tree 
11 Black, Jamieson Bone  Abt 1847Scotland I43702 Michelle Walczak Dads Family Tree 
12 Black, John  17 Aug 1813Scotland I15676 Patrick Goodmurphy Family Tree 
13 Blain, James Lindsay  Abt 1909Scotland P2275 Vanderburgh Family 
14 BLAND, JOHN  Abt 1825Scotland I7317 Patrick Goodmurphy Family Tree 
15 Boyd, Catherine  1782Scotland P2798 Rick Thackeray Family Tree 
16 Bremner, Alexander  Abt 1884Scotland P18543 Mark Hochstetler Family Tree 
17 Bremner, Margaret  Abt 1893Scotland P18542 Mark Hochstetler Family Tree 
18 BRICE, Alexander  Abt 1812Scotland P849 Von-Dolzen Family Tree 
19 Brodie, Robert  Abt 1829Scotland I423 Children of Peace Sharon Ontario Family Tree 
20 BROWN, Mary  1760Scotland I16466 Bob-Millie Family Tree 
21 Brownlee, Rachel  1850Scotland I324 McCutcheon of Ontario Family Tree 
22 BRUSE, Helen  1795Scotland I22167 Bob-Millie Family Tree 
23 CADWELL, James Howard  1798Scotland I1456 Wickson Family Tree 
24 CADWELL, Joseph  1840Scotland I1473 Wickson Family Tree 
25 CADWELL, Margaret  25 Jul 1830Scotland I1469 Wickson Family Tree 
26 CADWELL, William  3 Feb 1835Scotland I1471 Wickson Family Tree 
27 Cameron, Donald  1755Scotland I21887 Michelle Walczak Dads Family Tree 
28 Cameron, Duncan  1855Scotland I11823 Patrick Goodmurphy Family Tree 
29 Cameron, John A (of Lochiel)  Scotland I43000 Michelle Walczak Dads Family Tree 
30 Cameron, Margaret MAGGIE  4 Jun 1821Scotland I260 Richard Patterson ON & MO 
31 Cameron, William  12 Oct 1904Scotland I49 Children of Peace Sharon Ontario Family Tree 
32 Cameron, William Buy  1748Scotland I5022 Patrick Goodmurphy Family Tree 
33 Campbell, Duncan Darroch  1883Scotland I378 John Willson, Piscataway, NJ and Ontario Family Tree 
34 Campbell, James  1798Scotland I43003 Michelle Walczak Dads Family Tree 
35 CAMPBELL, John  27 May 1790Scotland I1645 Wickson Family Tree 
36 Campbell, Margaret  Abt 1765Scotland I7734 Patrick Goodmurphy Family Tree 
37 CAMPBELL, Martha  11 Apr 1841Scotland I920 Wickson Family Tree 
38 Campbell, Mary  Scotland I5474 Patrick Goodmurphy Family Tree 
39 CAMPBELL, Neil  Abt 1833Scotland I26585 Bob-Millie Family Tree 
40 Carling, Jane Ann  1785Scotland I3196 Patrick Goodmurphy Family Tree 
41 Carson, Agnes  1848Scotland P151 Ian Westell Family Tree 
42 Conway, John  Scotland I697 Steve Fulton UE Family Tree 
43 COOKE, Elizabeth Sheridan  1876Scotland P126 Collop Family Tree 
44 Cowan, Jeannie H  1885Scotland I11524 Patrick Goodmurphy Family Tree 
45 Craig, Alexander  1865Scotland I4270 Patrick Goodmurphy Family Tree 
46 CRIGHTON, Elizabeth  1815Scotland I28290 Bob-Millie Family Tree 
47 Davidson, Ann  1785Scotland I16472 Patrick Goodmurphy Family Tree 
48 Davidson, Charles  1836Scotland P965 Vanderburgh Family 
49 DOBBIE, Agnes  11 Aug 1828Scotland I16004 Bob-Millie Family Tree 
50 Doe-McDonald, Mary  Aug 1837Scotland I5219 Patrick Goodmurphy Family Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brown, Beatrice  Scotland P13198 Mark Hochstetler Family Tree 
2 BROWN, James  1700Scotland P785 Rick Thackeray Family Tree 
3 Brus, Allan  Scotland P15463 Mark Hochstetler Family Tree 
4 Buchane, Jean  1705Scotland P784 Rick Thackeray Family Tree 
5 CAMPBELL, Donald  Scotland I26567 Bob-Millie Family Tree 
6 CAMPBELL, Flora  Scotland I26566 Bob-Millie Family Tree 
7 Campbell, Mary  Scotland I5474 Patrick Goodmurphy Family Tree 
8 DARLING, Elizabeth  Bef 1859Scotland I9412 Bob-Millie Family Tree 
9 Fulton, William  Scotland I2077 Steve Fulton UE Family Tree 
10 Greig, Marion  28 Feb 1850Scotland I166 John Cowan Family Tree 
11 GRUBB, John  1841Scotland I538 Wickson Family Tree 
12 Hampton, John  1720Scotland P8477 Mark Hochstetler Family Tree 
13 HENDERSON, Alexander  1749Scotland I3324 Bob-Millie Family Tree 
14 Keadie, Andro  Scotland P806 Rick Thackeray Family Tree 
15 Keadie, Janet  UnknownScotland P591 Rick Thackeray Family Tree 
16 Keadie, Janet  27 May 1656Scotland P808 Rick Thackeray Family Tree 
17 Kedie, David  Scotland P789 Rick Thackeray Family Tree 
18 KEDIE, Margaret  1673Scotland P807 Rick Thackeray Family Tree 
19 Lyall, Joseph  20 Mar 1799Scotland I664 John Cowan Family Tree 
20 MacDonnell, Isabella (Sybella)  1776Scotland I5458 Patrick Goodmurphy Family Tree 
21 Macgregor, Dougal Maccoulcheir  Scotland P9265 Mark Hochstetler Family Tree 
22 Macgregor, Gregor Dubh  1626Scotland P9268 Mark Hochstetler Family Tree 
23 McCutcheon, Anne  Scotland I2105 Steve Fulton UE Family Tree 
24 McGinnis, John  Scotland I5473 Patrick Goodmurphy Family Tree 
25 McKinnon, Farquhar  UNKNOWNScotland P2966 Rick Thackeray Family Tree 
26 MIDDLETON, Susanna  1749Scotland I3325 Bob-Millie Family Tree 
27 Reikie, Agnes  Scotland P2823 Rick Thackeray Family Tree 
28 STEVENSON, Andrew  Scotland P3867 Stevenson Chish Family Tree 
29 Stirling, David  UNKNOWNScotland I590 David Falconer Family Tree 
30 Wyllie, Thomas (most of the records on the Scotland's People website have the name spelt with two l's.)  20 Feb 1847Scotland P592 Rick Thackeray Family Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Greig / Simpson  Dec 1741Scotland F112 John Cowan Family Tree 
2 ISAAC / SHERRIFFS  Scotland F224 Wickson Family Tree 
3 LAMB / CAIRNS  1680Scotland F559 Stevenson Chish Family Tree 
4 MacKinnon / McDonald  1778Scotland F1418 Patrick Goodmurphy Family Tree 
5 MCALLISTER / BRUSE  Scotland F8634 Bob-Millie Family Tree 
6 McGillis / McMaster  1772Scotland F1787 Patrick Goodmurphy Family Tree 
7 McQuarrie / McQuarrie  Scotland F631 Rick Thackeray Family Tree 
8 Witherspoon / Wood  Abt 1833Scotland F2581 Patrick Goodmurphy Family Tree