Schley County, Georgia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHILDERS, Homer  Aug 1879Schley County, Georgia I15979
2 CHILDERS, Ida  1878Schley County, Georgia I15978
3 CHILDERS, Zackariah  1875Schley County, Georgia I15977
4 EASON, Mary S  Jun 1847Schley County, Georgia I6535
5 HEAD, Charles  1879Schley County, Georgia I8811
6 HEAD, Eugene Allen  11 Nov 1851Schley County, Georgia I5189
7 HEAD, Julia F.  Oct 1860Schley County, Georgia I8125
8 HEAD, Mary Emma  Abt 1866Schley County, Georgia I8127
9 HEAD, William Thomas  Nov 1853Schley County, Georgia I8122
10 MCCORDEL, Sarah  1820Schley County, Georgia I7994
11 SINGLETARY, Ada  1871Schley County, Georgia I8803
12 SINGLETARY, Brick Pomeroy  12 Aug 1874Schley County, Georgia I16473
13 SINGLETARY, C.S.  1858Schley County, Georgia I1673
14 SINGLETARY, Carl Dixon  04 Mar 1883Schley County, Georgia I9542
15 SINGLETARY, Cattie Lee  10 Jan 1874Schley County, Georgia I8554
16 SINGLETARY, Charles  Sep 1882Schley County, Georgia I10201
17 SINGLETARY, Coley  May 1878Schley County, Georgia I8806
18 SINGLETARY, Edna  Jul 1887Schley County, Georgia I10199
19 SINGLETARY, Henry Mitchell  11 Mar 1848Schley County, Georgia I6537
20 SINGLETARY, Infant Daughter  1878Schley County, Georgia I20427
21 SINGLETARY, Lidiann  1874Schley County, Georgia I8805
22 SINGLETARY, Louisa  1849Schley County, Georgia I1669
23 SINGLETARY, Lydia C  11 Feb 1869Schley County, Georgia I9068
24 SINGLETARY, M.V.  1859Schley County, Georgia I1674
25 SINGLETARY, Mary  1851Schley County, Georgia I1670
26 SINGLETARY, Mary A  1852Schley County, Georgia I5809
27 SINGLETARY, Mary Viola  21 May 1873Schley County, Georgia I16471
28 SINGLETARY, Mattie  Apr 1896Schley County, Georgia I10200
29 SINGLETARY, Minnie Alice  14 Nov 1871Schley County, Georgia I16474
30 SINGLETARY, Noel  Jan 1872Schley County, Georgia I8804
31 SINGLETARY, Richard  1855Schley County, Georgia I1672
32 SINGLETARY, Sallie  1878Schley County, Georgia I5185
33 SINGLETARY, Susan  1852Schley County, Georgia I1671
34 SINGLETARY, Thomas Byron  17 Feb 1870Schley County, Georgia I13941
35 SINGLETARY, William  18 Mar 1850Schley County, Georgia I1675
36 SOUTER, Jacob M  12 Mar 1876Schley County, Georgia I16464
37 TISON, Anna K  Mar 1879Schley County, Georgia I18812
38 TISON, Leon  1877Schley County, Georgia I18808
39 TISON, Mamie  1880Schley County, Georgia I18813
40 TISON, Mannie  1877Schley County, Georgia I18810
41 TISON, Rainey  1878Schley County, Georgia I18811
42 WALKER, CSA John T  1845Schley County, Georgia I7715
43 WALKER, George Thomas  04 Sep 1852Schley County, Georgia I7717
44 WALKER, James  1850Schley County, Georgia I7716
45 WALKER, Nathan  1850Schley County, Georgia I8776


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARROW, Anna  30 Jul 1858Schley County, Georgia I5767
2 DIXON, Mary Lavania  Aft 1900Schley County, Georgia I8802
3 EASON, Mary S  Abt 1876Schley County, Georgia I6535
4 HUMPHREYS, Catherine Jarvey  Aft 1880Schley County, Georgia I18712
5 NORRIS, Angie M  Aft 1900Schley County, Georgia I5783
6 SINGLETARY, CSA Nathan P.  06 Oct 1873Schley County, Georgia I5772
7 SINGLETARY, CSA Thomas S  24 Sep 1863Schley County, Georgia I1667
8 SINGLETARY, Infant Daughter  07 Jan 1879Schley County, Georgia I20427
9 SINGLETARY, Martha  17 Mar 1864Schley County, Georgia I5773
10 TISON, Emma Leslie  14 Apr 1921Schley County, Georgia I18787
11 TISON, Hardee Moses  Aft 1880Schley County, Georgia I18785
12 TISON, Rebecca A  02 Feb 1918Schley County, Georgia I18707
13 WALKER, George Thomas  24 Oct 1902Schley County, Georgia I7717
14 WALKER, John  Aft 1870Schley County, Georgia I8763
15 WALKER, Philip  16 Sep 1893Schley County, Georgia I7713
16 WRIGHT, Cassandra J  17 Jun 1888Schley County, Georgia I5800


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BELL / SINGLETARY  29 Sep 1896Schley County, Georgia F3878
2 BIVINS / TISON  20 Jan 1894Schley County, Georgia F7589
3 CARPENTER / SINGLETARY  16 Nov 1893Schley County, Georgia F6926
4 DAVIS / WALKER  20 Feb 1870Schley County, Georgia F3660
5 GRANTHAM / SINGLETARY  20 Sep 1888Schley County, Georgia F3231
6 JOINER / SINGLETARY  04 Feb 1873Schley County, Georgia F2764
7 LUMPKIN / TISON  28 May 1865Schley County, Georgia F7618
8 RAINEY / TISON  19 Feb 1874Schley County, Georgia F7621
9 SINGLETARY / DIXON  19 Sep 1869Schley County, Georgia F3218
10 SINGLETARY / EASON  25 Dec 1866Schley County, Georgia F2760
11 SINGLETARY / MAUK  Abt 1868Schley County, Georgia F3216
12 SINGLETARY / NORRIS  22 Jan 1878Schley County, Georgia F2744