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-buried at Woodland
James was left much of L40 when his father died. He sold Pt L40 to the City of London for a water reservoir. He was killed by a falling tree during a wind storm in 1909. The property was divided among his children. 
Tunks, James (I255)
buried at Woodland
-kicked in the head by a horse 
Tunks, Henry (I1429)
married, children
moved to Warsaw, NY 
M.Tunks, Richard (I245)
4 "a renowned physician in Canada" [familytreemaker]

married twice more after Lois died

[familytreemaker] From Dennis, Nora (Lancaster), "Lancaster History in Canada", unpublished manuscript, written about 1960, a copy is in the personal papers of Ralph Murphy, [email protected].

Joseph Lancaster, the youngest son,married Lois Nichols of Pennsylvania Dutch. They lived in Oxford County.He taught school for a time then qualified for a Doctor. When his father
died, he inherited a farm of about two hundred acres of land. He practised
as a Doctor in that district for sometime, but being among relatives he
didn't get pay for services so decided to go to another place. Some
relatives had gone to Middlesex County. He rented the farm, then with his
wife and son Thomas, he moved to a small village by the name of Lambeth,
then built a house and lived there for some years. He had a successful
practice. They had a family of four sons and three daughters. His wife, Lois
died. His mother-in-law, Mrs. Nichols, then a widow, lived with him and
cared for his family. The sons then grown up and ready to go out for
themselves; Thomas, a farmer, stayed at home; William Harvey married and
went to Kansas later; David Henry chose to be a Doctor; Joseph Jr. died
young and not yet married.

Doctor Lancaster, then married again, settled in London, then a
small city about eight miles from Lambeth. There he had a large practice in
the city and country. The daughters lived with their father.

More About Joseph J. Lancaster:
Date born 2: 24 May 1803800
Burial: Unknown, Mt. Pleasant Cemetary, London, Middlesex, ON CA.801
Residence: 1881, London, Ontario, Can.802

More About Joseph J. Lancaster and Lois Nichols:
Marriage: Abt. 06 Nov 1833, Norwich, Oxford County, ON Canada.803

More About Joseph J. Lancaster and Kate Sage:
Marriage: Apr 1856

More About Joseph J. Lancaster and Marietta Petersen:
Marriage: Abt. 1858

Children of Joseph J. Lancaster and Lois Nichols are:

+Thomas Lancaster, b. 05 Jan 1832, Norwich, Oxford, ON CAN, d. 06 Feb 1916, North Norwich, Oxford, ON CAN.
Annie Lancaster, b. Abt. 1834, Norwich, Oxford, ON CAN, d. date unknown.
William Harvey Lancaster, b. Abt. 1835, Norwich, Oxford, ON CAN, d. date unknown.
David Henry Lancaster, b. Abt. 1837, Norwich, Oxford, ON CAN, d. Abt. 1919, Springfield, MI USA.
Abigail Lancaster, b. Abt. 1839, Norwich, Oxford, ON CAN, d. 1925.
Hannah Lancaster, b. Abt. 1843, Norwich, Oxford, ON CAN, d. date unknown.
Lavina Lancaster, b. Abt. 1849, Norwich, Oxford, ON CAN, d. date unknown.
Louisa Lancaster, b. Abt. 1851, Norwich, Oxford, ON CAN, d. date unknown.
Joseph Lancaster, b. Abt. 1853, Norwich, Oxford, ON CAN, d. date unknown, Died young.

Children of Joseph J. Lancaster and Marietta Petersen are:

Mary Lancaster, b. Abt. 1863, USA, d. date unknown.
Steward Orton Lancaster, b. 27 Aug 1864, London, Middlesex, ON CAN, d. 16 Jun 1926, London, Middlesex, ON CAN.
Nellie Lancaster, b. Abt. 1870, USA, d. date unknown.
Alice Lancaster, b. Abt. 1874, USA, d. date unknown.
Maude Lancaster, b. Abt. 1876, USA, d. date unknown.
Unknown Lancaster, d. date unknown.
Unknown Lancaster, d. date unknown. 
Lancaster, Joseph J. (I1221)
5 "George and Jane had nine children and it is from this couple that all the Hyde Park Routledges descend" [London Twp book] Summers, Jane (I1672)
6 "In [November 1813] a millwright named Timothy Kilbourn, son of Joseph Kilbourn Sr., took charge of Amos McNames' vacant location on the northern part of lot 38 in the first concession. Prior to this Kilbourn was apparently living with his father on lot 50, concession A....In 1817 Kilbourn petitioned for lot 38 on which there were now 11 acres of cleared land and a house. Fortunately for him the lot was unencumbered and on June 20, 1818 he received the patent for the north half. Kilbourn's brother, Benjamin later purchased this farm on July 15, 1837 for  Kilbourn, Benjamin (I565)
7 "The other war-time squatter was James McNames, who was born in New York State in 1792. In 1804 he and his family immigrated to Upper Canada and lived on a reserved lot in Oxford Township. McNames bought Orrison Gillet's improvements on the southern part of lot 37, first concession, in October 1814 for $150, and shortly afterwards Gillet returned to the United States. In the spring of 1815 McNames moved his family onto the lot and over the next year cleared five acres of land in addition to the seven already improved. Then, on January 29, 1816, Sykes Tousley was allowed a large location in Westminster including the old location of Orrison Gillet, now, of course, occupied by McNames. As far as the government was concerned the lot was still located in Gillet's name and since he had returned to the United States, it was considered forfeited and located to Tousley. In March McNames brought the matter to the government's attention and it was later decided that McNames should be recommended for a grant of the north half of the lot, leaving the south half to Tousley. McNames accepted the government's decision and on March 5, 1817 he paid the necessary fees. Two years later, on December 18, 1819, he received his patent for the land, which he eventually sold on January 17, 1840 to Thomas Summers. [Byron: Pioneer Days in Westminster Township - Guy St-Denis] McNames, James Jacobus (I46)
8 - a manufacturer and dealer in lime, cement, plaster of paris, salt, coal, wood, etc; prominent farmer at L77 NBETR
Limestone from his farm was used for the London asylum, bridge abutments, foundations of St. Peter's Cathedral and other buildings.
1851 census: Barnabas Skuse, 7, living at Westminster with parents, 2 brothers, 4 sisters; b. Canada
Skuse 2
[HCM p. 1001]: Barnabus Skuse, manufacturer and dealer in lime, cements, plaster paris, salt, coal, wood, &c., &c., also one of the prominent farmers of the township, is the son of John and Ann (Jennings) Skuse. ...Barnabas Skuse was born on the old homestead in 1843, and was reared to farm life. He secured a common school education, and married Miss Hannah Griffith, daughter of Nathan Griffith. She died several years after marriage, and Mr. Skuse took for his secon wife Miss Anna Griffith, sister of his first wife. Six children were the result of the last marriage - Eddie, Eliza, Jane, Harriet, Louise and Lizzie (twins). Mr. Skuse followed farming for some time, and then, in 1863, engaged in the lime trade until 1868. He then farmed until 1882, after which he bought his present farm, on which is a valuable lime quarry and good building stone, which Mr. Skuse disposes of in London, and is doing a large and successful business. He is well known in London, and furnished stone for the first Insane Asylum, for the Kensington Bridge, the Westminster Bridge, for Birrell's wholesale store, and the Catholic Cathedral. Mr. Skuse is a Reformer in politics, is a member of the Masonic fraternity, A.O.U.W., and a member of the Royal Aranum. His judgment is well respected by the people of the township, and he was appointed Deputy-Reeve for three years.
Skuse*, Barnabas (I452)
9 - a medical doctor educated at University of Michigan; moved around Oxford and Lambton counties; buried at Mount Pleasant Dawes, Thomas (I1209)
10 - Two of Catherine's brothers - Jacob and Robert were also in the 1812 war; Jacob died of a wound received during the battle of Chippawa in 1814 - list of pensions paid on this site:
Wilkerson*, Catherine (I180)
11 -a blacksmith
came to Pond Mills and then Dorchester Tp 
Mitchell, John (I818)
12 -a carpenter
-buried at Woodland 
Cleveland, John Downer (I150)
13 -a London cement contractor
Norton 2 
Norton*, George (I959)
14 -a prominant London businessman Hyman, Ellis Walton (I1609)
15 -according to her husband's obituary, she survived him. So where is she buried? Possibly BSC? Potter, Mary Jemima (I937)
16 -age 1 when moved to Granby, Lower Canada from Vermont
-came to Middlesex Cy c1828
[HMC, p513]: Warren Blinn settled in London Township where the Asylum now stands [1889]
[HMC, p736]: Warren Blinn, father of [William], was also a native of Vermont, and was but one year old when he was brought by his parents to Lower Canada. He was of French descent on his father's side, and of English on his mother's side. He immigrated to Middlesex County when about twenty-nine years of age, and brought with him his wife and daughter, Eliza, and one son, William, ....who was then five years of age. Mr. blinn had married, in Lower canada, Miss Harriet Dyer, daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Dyer, whose sister, Lotta, married Capt. Butler, of Massachusetts, and became the mother of the eminent Gen. Benj. F. Butler, of the United States. Mr. and Mrs. Blinn became the parents of three children - William, Eliza and Hiram. Mr. Blinn first settled where the Insane Asylum now stands, and was a contractor by occupation, and also owned a mill. He was a member of the Baptist Church, and died in 1876, at the age of seventy-seven years. His wife died in 1882, at the age of 84. 
Blinn, Warren (I1136)
17 -built the Warrior Hotel, northwest corner Commissioners & Wellington
-1882 appointed postmaster of the new Odell postoffice
- a Mason with Lodge in Nilestown
Assisted in cutting the Wellington Road from Concession 1 (Commissioners) to London

[HCM, p. 949]: William L. Odell was born in Odelltown, March 15, 1824, and was thirteen years of age when he moved with his father to this township. He received a common school education, and in early life learned the occupation of a farmer. He then learned the blacksmith trade, at which he worked for ten years, eight years in the City of London. Sepember 23, 1847, he married Miss Priscilla Odell, daughter of John and Annie (Griffith) Odell, and to them were born six children -- Mary C., Ameliz L., William E., John A., Melvin L. and Fannie C. Mrs. Odell died March 1, 1858, and Mr. Odell married Eliza J. Odell, a sister of his first wife. One child is the result of this union -- Harriet E. About 1856, Mr. Odell bought the property where he now resides, and built the Warrior Hotel, which he ran for many years, and which was one of the most popular hotels in the township. Mr. Odell is a Mason of high standing; became a member of the Lambets Lodge in 1870, and has taken all the degrees in the Blue Lodge, having held all the offices, including Master. Mr. Odell assisted in building the first bridge across the Thames, the old Wellingto Bridge, and made the iron work for the same. He has assisted greatly in the introduction of valuable stock, and is one of the thorough-going business men of the day. His family is one of the best known and oldest in the county, and their descendants may welll be proud of the honorable ancestry from which thry spraing. 
Odell, William Loop (I597)
18 -buried at Lambeth cemetery Vanstone, James (I715)
19 -buried at Mount Pleasant, unmarked grave [G. Curnoe] Mote, Matthew Wilbert Ernest (I1511)
20 -buried in the mausoleum at Woodland Cemetery [G. Curnoe] Elson, Eliza Jane (I1667)
21 -buried White Oak cemetery Mennill, George Menelly (I1108)
22 -came to Canada age 12
-became a mason by trade
-went to Indiana 1845 (age 20), then to California c1850 for the gold rush with brother Robert
-8 children
1871 census: Perney Flint, 45, Farmer, CofE, living Westminster with wife Ann, 2 sons, 4 daughters, widowed mother-in-law; b. England
[HCM p 81] Pirney Flint, farmer, was born in England in 1825, and is the son of Robert Flint, who was also a native of that country. ...Pirney was twelve years of age when he came with his parents to this country. He received a common school education, and learned the mason's trade, which he followed until 1855. He went to Indiana in 1845, and from there to California in 1850, coming home in 1855. He was married, about two years after he came home, to Ann Elson, the daughter of John and Mary Elson (of German descent), of London Township. To Mr. and Mrs. Flint were born these children: - Charlotte Hannah, Annie, Fannie, Mary, Eliza, Edna, Peter and Robert. After marriage, Mr. Flint settled down on the old homestead, and there he has since resided, with the exception of a short time when he was in Valparaiso, Ind., and was there engaged in mining until 1855. He then returned to his present farm. Mr. Flint takes an active interest in all laudable enterprises, and has been school trustee for a number of years. He is a Reformer in politics, and a man of liberal views on all subjects of importance. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and an honorable, upright citizen. 
Flint*, Pirney (I1127)
23 -DWT indicates that this Thomas Hammond was the father of Ann Hammond; both are buried at BSC
BSC has Thomas Hammond d. 9 Jul 1838 age 45(Hammond 3). The stone is next to Richard Tunks but there is a gap between them. Elizabeth Tunks was the wife of this Thomas Hammond and it is believed that she was the sister of Richard and is probably buried in this gap, unmarked or missing stone. 
Hammond*, Thomas (I853)
24 -farmed L32 C1
Norton 8 
Norton*, Allan (I927)
25 -farmed L34 and 37 C1 but moved to Michigan 1899
-6 children 
Norton, George (I19)
26 -had 4 children then divorced; moved to Michigan Frank, James R. (I967)
27 -had 4 children with James Frank, then divorced
-had 2 children with Robert 
Norton, Sarah Ann (I966)
28 -had a trucking business delivering a by-product from Kellogg's as cattle feed to farmers in Middlesex County.
-inherited the family home that was built in 1860 on the L34BF farm after his great-grandfather Nelson purchased the property from the Thomas Jarvis estate in 1869. Roy sold the last part of this farm in 2006 to a land developer who will removed the house and build an apartment complex on the acreage. After 195 years of continuous residency of descendants of john Norton, the male line of this surname disappeared from Brick St. when Roy and his son left the area."

Norton, Roy Edgar (I943)
29 -he is not listed in the Ings genealogy but Glen Curnoe found his obituary.
1881 census: Alfred William Ings, 16, living with parents Edward & Fanny, 2 brothers, 3 sisters; b. England
-his christening record, naming his parents, is on
"My record states that ALFORD William Ings, born Nov. 3, 1867, Died Nov. 8, 1888 not married." [Bernie Gill] 
Ings*+, Alfred William (I1874)
30 -he witnessed his sister Catherine's wedding 1845
-he witnessed the wedding of Andrew Hammond & Elina Griffith 1845
moved to Illinois 1857 during recession
-he, his wife and daughter all died of typhoid fever in1865, leaving his oldest daughter, age 18, to raise the family.
-10 children

marriage was witnessed by Nathan Doyle & George C Tunks (brother)

died of typhoid fever

Omar Tunks, a descendant of Peter, released his study of the Tunks family in 1978. 
Tunks, Peter Hoover (I246)
31 -immigrated to Lower Canada c1800
[HCM, p736]: James Blinn, who was born in Vermont, in 1770, and emigrated to Lower Canada about 1800. He settled at Granby 
Blinn, James (I1138)
32 -innkeeper
L32 BF
no stone
info from OVS deaths
lived at BFT L32
Broad*+, James P. (I88)
33 -interred Strathroy
5 children 
Norton, Huldah Caroline (I971)
34 -known as Stanley
6 children
-inherited L32 C1 farm that was originally owned by his grandfather Nelson. This farm was sold in 1962 to a land developer and became known as the Norton Estates subdivision.
Norton 19 
Norton*, Richard Stanley Pete (I953)
35 -lived on 100 acres of which 50 were cultivated at L79 WTR Westminster
G. Curnoe records say married abt 1851, but they would have had several children by this time; seems odd
1861 living in 1 1/2 storey frame house
-12 children, 4 died at birth
Walters 1, Walters 2 
Walters*, Walter (I1252)
36 -married age 17
-died age 18 after birth of son
Jarvis*, Esther Jane (I163)
37 -married her cousin Monger, Rosella Jane (I35)
38 -married his cousin
-buried at Mt Pleasant
-kept what was formerly known as the Wharncliffe Inn; charged in 1890 with selling liquor without a licence; fined $50 
McNames, Silas Cyrus (I34)
39 -member of a German legion hired by the British to try to put down the American Rebellion (a Hessian soldier and therefore UEL)
-settled in Markham Twp. 
Ulsen, Johann Hendrick (I1122)
40 -mother died after he was born; raised by his maternal grandparents (Samuel & Laney Jarvis)
-died age 27
Covert*, Samuel (I195)
41 -original romance with William Mair was discouraged.
-married John McAdam 1802
-came to Canada with family after 1815; in London Tp by 1819
-walked to Niagara with oldest and youngest sons to meet William Mair who had immigrated to Lockport NY [deserted her family]
-had child with William, William Jr., 1827
- William Sr. died 1836
-Ellen returned to London Tp 1845; discovered John McAdam had died 1840; bought farm in Westminster L38 C1and sold it to her sons
-lived with daughter Jane Griffith
-buried in Melrose with husband John McAdam
McKenzie, Ellen (I876)
42 -private in War of 1812
Norton 7
-arrived 1811
-he may have been married and had children (Nelson?) before marrying Sabrina(DWT)

NORTON, George, Pte., served under Captain Daniel Springer 1812, 1814, received Land Claim Certificate Unit - Flank Company 1st Regiment Middlesex Militia, Vol 22, file 65, pages 1819-1822. Born ca 1790 in United States, son of John Norton; married Sabrina Manning; found on 1851 census in Westminster Township; died 1864 in Westminster. [Elgin OGS website]

1851 a grocer 
Norton*, George (I323)
43 -probably came to Westminster from Quebec c1833
-1851 census:Joseph Manning, 59, farming L18 C5 and living in a one-storey log cabin with wife Hannah, 4 sons, 1 daughter-in-law, 1 grandaughter; b. Quebec
Manning 6 (very faint -relying on OGS records) 
Manning*, Joseph (I575)
44 -Quaker heritage
-her father was UEL
-maybe buried at BSC? 
Dell*, Elizabeth (I99)
45 -separated from husband Nathan Carr, Clara Hannah (I949)
46 -settled L32 C1 around 1811
-came from US to Lower Canada 1793; UEL 
Norton, John (I924)
47 -there is no stone marker for Joseph; OGS ascribes 30-5 Caldwell*+, Joseph Manning (I993)
48 -unmarked at BSC [G. Curnoe] Moore*+, Sarah A. (I1053)
49 Dale, Sarah Eliza (I1087)
50 1 day old
no marker 
Jacobs*+, Lomire (I1204)

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