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Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bryant, Benjamin  1834Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1275
2 Bryant, Elizabeth Ann  1830Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1439
3 Bryant, Margaret Elizabeth  30 Dec 1864Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1273
4 Bryant*, Calvin  1845Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1280
5 Bryant*, John W.  25 Sep 1838Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1282
6 Cassady, Andrew  1876Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1498
7 Currie, Marion  Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1781
8 Curtis, Ann  Abt 1869Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1711
9 Curtis, Charles A.  02 Oct 1867Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1708
10 Curtis, Orpha  10 Apr 1835Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1702
11 Curtis, William Ross  1844Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1712
12 Curtis*, Lettica L.  1866Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1700
13 Dale, Clifford Smith  1891Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1412
14 Dale, Delbert R.  1899Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1415
15 Dale, Flossie L.  1895Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1414
16 Dale, Joseph "Lorne"  1893Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1413
17 Dale, Marjorie  17 May 1924Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1782
18 Dawson, Eliza Jane  07 Dec 1871Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1890
19 Frank, Francis  1816Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I632
20 Frank, Mary Elizabeth  1828Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I101
21 Griffeth*, Henry Wesley  26 Aug 1878Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I344
22 Griffith, Lela Ada  1897Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I439
23 Griffith, Mabel Emma  1913Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I321
24 Hammond, Andrew  Sep 1821Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I364
25 Hammond, Andrew S.  1870Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1452
26 Hammond, Charlotte Samantha  Abt 1848Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I366
27 Hammond, Frederick  Sep 1832Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1442
28 Hammond, James  Abt 1854Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I369
29 Hammond, Mary  1829Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1441
30 Hammond, Mary Ann  Abt 1846Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I365
31 Hammond, Mary Jane  1858Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1444
32 Hammond, Richard  Abt 1822Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1530
33 Hammond, William  1856Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1443
34 Hammond*, Ann  1828Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I848
35 Hammond*+, John  Abt 1852Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I367
36 Hungerford, Abigail Matilda  1820Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I573
37 Hungerford, Caroline  1809Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1575
38 Hungerford, Harriet Amanda  1826Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I265
39 Hungerford, Laura  05 Dec 1813Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1577
40 Hungerford, Luce  1823Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1581
41 Hungerford, Maria  1805Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1573
42 Hungerford, Matilda  1843Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1634
43 Hungerford, Serenia  1848Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1636
44 Hungerford, William W.  1845Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1635
45 Hungerford, Zeruah  1814Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1579
46 Jackson*, Mary  11 Oct 1868Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1326
47 Jarvis, John Levi  29 Aug 1888Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1615
48 Jarvis*, Zachary N.  14 Oct 1871Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I82
49 M.Tunks, Richard  1820Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I245
50 Mair, Andrew  1848Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I766

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ?*, Fanny  28 Feb 1878Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1532
2 Carroll*, Maria  07 Mar 1871Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1692
3 Conley*, Alexander W.  1889Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1755
4 Conley*, James Vining  1932Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1753
5 Conley*, Robert  1884Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1754
6 Curtis*, Lettica L.  18 Sep 1873Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1700
7 Daggart, Sarah Jane  17 Sep 1891Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1266
8 Frank, Robert  1881Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1330
9 Hammond*, Ann  29 May 1916Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I848
10 Hammond*, Thomas  09 Jul 1838Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I853
11 Jackson*, Richard  12 May 1904Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1323
12 Mair, Andrew  1930Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I766
13 Mair, William  1933Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1091
14 Mair*, William  1880Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I847
15 Manning*, Sabrina  13 Apr 1867Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I619
16 Mennill*, Levina  29 Jul 1881Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1322
17 Moorehouse*, Mary  03 Dec 1882Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I957
18 Mote*, Charles Alfred  08 Aug 1901Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1510
19 Nichols, James  1882Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1265
20 Norton, John  Abt 1825Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I924
21 Norton*, George  08 Jan 1864Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I323
22 Norton*, Nelson  18 Apr 1904Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I524
23 Norton*, William Henry  03 Nov 1931Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I20
24 Purdy, Hiram Wesley  Abt 1875Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1311
25 Routledge*, Elizabeth  23 May 1904Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I525
26 Simpson, Irwin  Abt 1860Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I974
27 Skuse, Annie  1898Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I139
28 Tunks*, Catherine  25 Jul 1907Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I247
29 Tunks*, Elizabeth  1903Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I184
30 Tunks*, Richard  05 Mar 1877Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I179
31 Vanstone, James  09 Oct 1918Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I715
32 Watkins, David Lewis  19 Feb 1914Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1362
33 Whitehead*+, William S.  01 Sep 1896Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I1354
34 Wilkerson*, Catherine  18 May 1829Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario I180


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dale / Bryant  16 Dec 1885Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario F465
2 Dale* / Henzel*  25 Mar 1835Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario F283
3 Dale* / Tunks*  1840Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario F95
4 Hammond / Bryant  25 Dec 1853Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario F538
5 Hooper / Summers*  25 Nov 1896Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario F655
6 Jarvis* / Tunks*  1855Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario F43
7 Kilbourn / Mair  1899Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario F362
8 Mair / Mackey  1877Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario F322
9 Nichol / Bryant  16 Jan 1884Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario F509
10 Skuse* / Griffith  21 Nov 1873Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario F198
11 Tunks / Hungerford  01 Feb 1846Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario F110