1839-1898 Marriages St. Clair County, Michigan
(Mainly Port Huron, Michigan)
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People from Lambton County., Ontario, Canada and Elsewhere in Ontario who were married in St. Clair County, Michigan. (Most marriages took place in Port Huron, Michigan).

C.W. - Canada West (Ontario)
J.P. - Justice of the Peace
b - Where born
f - Father
m- Mother
r - Residence
pm - Previously Married
wit - Witnesses

Adams, Edwin, 22, Wyoming, C.W., 16 May 1865, to Harriet Witty, 20, Wyoming, C.W., wit; Rosa Conion & Cordelia Alleyn, by Asa Larned, i.P

Adams, Sarah - John Mason

Aker, Margaret - Andrew Tyrell

Albourgh, Edward, 27, r-Petrolia, ON, b-England, boiler maker, f-John Albourgh, m-Sarah Russel, 19 September 1888 at Port Huron, to Emily McKinley, 30, r-Petrolia, ON, b-England, f-William Julian, m-Johann Masters, wit; W.E. Leonard & B.F. Lauzon of Port Huron, by E.E. Seeley, Minister.

Alderman, Michael, 32, r-Gerard, PA, b-Gerard, PA, driller, f-Lafayette Alderman, m-Jane Waldo, 14 September 1891 at Port Huron, to Maud Flumerfelt, 20, r-Petrolia, ON, b-Petrolia, f-William Flumerfelt, wit; Sadie M. Scott & Kittie Forbes of Port Huron, by Thomas A. Scott, Minister.

Aldridge, John A., 22, r-Thedford, ON, b-Canada, telegraph operator, f-John Aldridge, m-Margaret Mann, 22 November 1892 at Port Huron, to Mary L. Allen, 21, Thedford, b-Canada, dressmaker, f-William Allen, m-Mary Lockery, wit; J.S. Keatley & C.N. Goodwillie of Port Huron, by D.H. Goodwillie, Minister.

Alexander, Edward, 21, Moore, C.W., 10 November 1865 at Port Huron, to Alice Clara Danrow, 22, Moore, C.W., wit; Wm. H. Blumerhassett & Geo. B. Mann, by Wm. Stone, Grace Church.

Allen, Andrew, Canada West, 20 April 1859 at Newport, to Martha Linday, Canada West, wit; Wm. Mosier of C.W. & Edwin Huntoois of Newport, by D. Lester, J.P.

Allen, Cynthia M.- James Cameron

Allen, Louisa - Abram Lyman

Allen, Mary L.- John A. Aldridge

Allen, Sarah Ann - John Yax

Allen, William C., Wyoming, C.W., 10 April 1863 at House of J.S. Hoyt in Port Huron, to Ellen Wooley, Wyoming, C.W., wit; D.G. Willson & Mrs. J.S. Hoyt, by J.S. Hoyt, Cong. Minister.

Allister, Alexander, 40, r-Petrolia, ON, b-Scotland, Cooper, f-John Allister, m-Jane Noble, 1 July 1890 at Port Huron, to Margaret A. Scott, 26, r-Petrolia, ON, b-Canada, f-David Scott, m-Jane Heborn, wit; Mrs. T.A. Scott of Port Huron & Henry Scott of Ontario, by Thomas A. Scott, Minister.

Alloway, John M., 27, r-Port Huron, b-Ireland, Miller, f-Thomas Alloway, m-Mary McDonald, 12 October 1892 at Fort Gratiot, to Eliza Craig, 21, r-Sarnia, ON, b-Point Edward, ON, f-William Craig, wit; Mary S. Chapin & Agnes H. Chapin of Fort Gratiot, by Seth S. Chapin, Minister.

Anderson, Alexander, 29, Moore, C.W., 25 February 1847 at St. Clair, to Martha Havers, 24, Moore, wit; D. Folensky & V.A. Ripley of St. Clair, by Miles, J.P.

Anderson, James, 27, r-Sarnia, ON, b-ON, Carpenter, f-George Anderson, m-Sarah Mills, 1 June 1889 (date of Licence), to Mary Morris, 18, r-Sarnia, b-Ontario, f-John Morris, m-Anna McDonald.

Anderson, Sophia - Francis Cadotte

Anderson, Tillie - Isaac Miller

Andrew, Lizzy - John Darcy

Andrews, Margaret - Hugh Coyle

Andrews, Rebecca - Joseph Gillon

Andrews, Stowell, Mooretown, C.W., 19 December 1865, to Matilda Minnie ?, Port Huron, wit; Robert Baker of Port Huron & Flora Huntington of Port Huron, by J.S. Hoyt, Cong. Minister.

Andrews, William, 21, Warwick, C.W., 22 June 1863, to Martha Hawn, 20, Warwick, C.W., wit; E.J. Brockway & Robert Morris, by Asa Larned, J.P.

Apploack, Mary - Solomon Thebo

Armstrong, Edward, 45, Euphemia, C.W., 28 June 1854, to Harriet Buroughs, 16 (?), Euphemia, C.W., by J.S. Sutton.

Armstrong, Ellen - Thomas Bell

Armstrong, John R., 24, r-Oil City, ON, b-Canada, Laborer, f-William Armstrong, m-Susan Hargin, 26 February 1891 at Port Huron, to Louisa St. Mary , 20, r-Oil City, b-Canada, f-Lewis St. Mary, wit; Mrs. T.A. Scott & Nellie Neelands of Port Huron, by Thomas Scott, Minister.

Arnold, Annie - David Atkins

Austin, Helen - Henry Stokes

Atkins, David, 21, Sombra, C.W., 11 August 1843 at Cottrellville, to Annie Arnold, 21, Cottrellville, wit; Robert Little & Malcum Burnham of Sombra, by David Cottrell, J.P.

Ayling, William, Port Sarnia, C.W., 1 September 1857, to Pheloth Marsh, Port Sarnia, C.W., wit; D. Eilson & Lucy Hill, by G.B. Engle, Minister.

Babcock, Anna - William Bliss

Badder, George, 22, r-Weidemann, ON, b-Kent Co., ON, Businessman, f-Thomas Badder, m-Hannah Mifflon, 24 May 1889 at St. Clair, MI, to Nora Roberts, 18, r-Weidemann, ON, b-Monroe Co., MI, f-Oliver Roberts, m-Melissa Ross, wit; William D. McIntyre of Ontario & George Harkness of St. Clair, by Charles E. Solis, J.P.

Bailey, Joseph, 26, Port Sarnia, C.W., 21 December.1865, to Jane Hackney, 20, Port Sarnia, C.W., wit; Ann M. Larned & H. Larned, by Asa Larned, J.P.

Bailey, William, Wales, 22 October 1865, to Edna Zavitts, Yarmouth, C.W., wit; John Dunning & Theresa Bailey, by Geo. Wilson, Minister.

Bain, Richard, 25, Sarnia, C.W., 21 October 1861, to Margaret Hawkins, 19, Sarnia, C.W., wit; James Montrop & D.G. Gregory, by Asa Larned, i.P.

Bainbridge, Maria - Samuel Mc-Ae

Baker, Edward W., 25, r-Cheboygan, MI, b-Lansing, MI, Teacher, f-Edward Baker, m-Isabell Burkhard, 19 October 1891 at Port Huron, to Ida J. Russell, 23, r-Camlachie, ON, b-Canada, f-John Russell, wit; Minnie Russell & Fred Russell of Camlachie, by Henry J. Robeson, J.P.

Baker, Stephen, 40, Sombra, Canada, recorded 10 March 1868 to Prudence Harris, 20, St Clair, MI, wit; Madlin Ticknor & Lizzy M. Langes of Marine City, by V.A. Saph, J.P.

Baker, William, 24, Enniskillen, C.W., 3 November 1864, to Elizabeth Marsh, 20, Enniskillen, C.W., wit; Robert Montgomery & Serena Hostein of Enniskillen, by Asa Larned, J.P.

Ball, Sarah Ann - Mathew Smith

Balmer, Elizabeth - Thomas Walker

Bann, William, 24, Port Sarnia, C.W., 7 April 1863, to Emma Glennie, 18, Port Sarnia, wit; John McGregor & Mary Gray, by Asa Larned, J.P.

Baolar, Annie - James Johnston

Barbery, Erwin A., 22, r-Ausable, b-Canada, Laborer, f-John Barbery, m-Esther Hickerson, 1 July 1890 at St. Clair, to Alice M. Rankin, 19, r-Courtright, ON, b-Burtchville, f-Stephen Rankin, m-Almina A.Leonard, wit; William Beal of St. Clair & Ella Fleury of Courtright, by H.C. Northrup, Minister.

Bare, Anson, 53, Wisconsin, 22 October 1861, to Barbara Wallenburgh, 36, Bosanquet, C.W., wit; Jacob Holmbugh & William Hartsuff, by Asa Larned, J.P.

Barker, Ann - William Bridges

Barker, John, 37, r-Petrolia, ON, b-England, Clerk, f-James Barker, m-Mary Ashworth. pm-once, 29 May 1895 at Port Huron, to Elizabeth Elsie Hunter, 20, r-Petrolia, b-Canada, f-Thomas Hunter, m-Margaret Kerrison, wit; William Mason & Russell Wade of Port Huron, by Carl A. Wagner, J.P.

Barnes, Matilda - Edward Cutcher

Barnes, May - James German

Barns, Harrit M. - Thomas Walker

Barrett, Mary - James Roberts

Barron, Andrew, 24, Moore, Kent Co., C.W., 1 September 1845, to Mary Jane Hough, 17, Moore, CW, wit; Benjamin Barrow & Peter Beauchamp of Moore, by Harvey Hyde, Minister.

Barrow, Ella - Edward P. Watson

Bartley, Catherine - William H. Sleemon

Battie, Mary - Neil Brown

Batton, Elizabeth - Joseph Johnston

Batton, Mary - David Hill

Batwig, John, 26, Port Huron, 12 February 1862, to Emeline Hughs, 23, Enniskillen, C.W., wit; Fanny Larned & Nancy Larned of Port Huron, by Asa Larned, J.P.

Baucraft, Delia - John P. Hunter

Baxter, Elizabeth - Thomas Bolton

Beaton, Anna - Duncan McKinnon

Beaubien, Arthur, 35, Zorro Twp., C.W., 4 November 1852 at Algonac, to Mary Jane Lionover, 20, Zorro Twp., wit; Joshua Beaubien and Anna Smith, by John K. Smith, J.P.

Beaubien, Joshua, 25, Zorro Twp., C.W., 4 November 1852 at Algonac, to Jane McIntosh, 20, Zorro Twp., C.W., wit; Arthur Beaubien & Anna Smith, by John K. Smith, J.P.

Beaubridge, Sarah - Robert Pettigrew Campbell

Becket, Anna - George D. Hodgkiss

Beebe, Aggie - John Irwin

Beck, Jennie - Peter L. Smith

Bell, Ann - Willmer D. Reish

Bell, Carrie - James Spice

Bell, Frank, 32, r-Sarnia, ON, b-Canada, Sailor, f-George Bell, m-Mary Patterson, pm-once, 13 January 1893 at Port Huron, to Maggie Smith, 33, r-Sarnia, b-Canada, pm-once, wit; John Morris of Sarnia & Anna McClurkin of Port Huron, by A.W. McClurkin, Minister.

Bell, Louis, 22, r-St. Clair, MI, b-St. Clair, Laborer, f-Peter Bell, Jr., m-G. Zimmer, 30 April 1898 at Marine City, to Anna B. Stouffer, 19, r-Petrolia, ON, b-Petrolia, f-P. Stouffer, wit; James Rector & Louise Bell of St. Clair, by William D. Addison, J.P.

Bell, Thomas, 21, 20 May 1861 at Port Huron, to Ellen Armstrong, 24 Plympton, C.W., wit; Wm. Nean & wife, by Asa Larned, J.P.

Bennett, Alice H.- John H. Jacques

Bennett, George, 20, r-Enniskillen Twp, ON, b-Capac, MI, Farmer, f-James Bennett, m-Mary J. Thompson, 24 April 1889 at Mt. Salem, MI, to Mary Reid, 18, r-Mussey, wit; Robert Little of Enniskillen Twp. & Katie Smith of Chicago, IL, by William H. Flint, Minister.

Berchell, Sarah Jane - Thomas G. Taylor

Berry, Myron, 24, Bosanquet, C.W., 8 November 1861, to Sarah Sales, 18, Bosanquet, C.W., wit; Simon Sales & Jenine Berry of Bosanquet, by Asa Larned, J.P.

Bertram, Alexander, 25, Arkona, C.W., 4 July 1862, to Mary Orr, 17, Arkona, C.W., wit; John Bertram of Adelaide, C.W. & Phebe Bertram of C.W., by Asa Larned, J.P.

Beveridge, John, 29, r-Oil Springs, ON, b-Canada, Farmer, f-Charles Beveridge, m-Rebecca Rutz, 6 June 1894 at Port Huron, to Lizzy EDWARDS, 23, r-Oil Springs, b-Canada, f-William Edwards, wit; Mrs. M.E. Horton & A.V.0. Horton of Port Huron, by Jacob Horton, Minister.

Bigness, _ , 23, r-New York, NY, b-New York, NY, Sailor, f-Albert Bigness, m-C. Swenard, 5 November 1896 at Port Huron, to Dora Powers, 25, r-Sarnia, ON, b-Sarnia, Dressmaker, f-John Powers, m-Dron Petit, wit; C.A. Doty & Alice O'Brien of Port Huron, by J.P. McManus, Priest of Catholic Church.

Bishop, Lillian - Coleman McDonald

Bishop, Samuel Spencer, 30, C.W., 26 June 1867 at St Clair, MI, to Margaret Rebecca Tunmore, C.W., wit; William H. Nicol & Charlotte Tunmore, by D.D. O'Dell, J.P.

Blaker, George, 22, Sombra, UC, 26 February 1843 at Cottrellville, to Eliza Burnham, 17, Sombra, wit; Leonard H. Johnson & Mary Johnson of Sombra, by David Cottrell, J.P.

Blinn, Charles D., 38, Port Huron, 30 December 1861 at Port Huron, to Jannett Henderson, 23, Plympton, C.W., wit; Charlotte Whitman & Hattie T. Beach, by P. Whitman, Minister.

Bliss, William, 27, r-Wanstead, ON, b-Canada, Tailor, f-John C. Bliss, m-Rhoda Billing, 23 January 1895 at Port Huron, to Anna Babcock, 20, r-Wanstead, b-Canada, wit; Jennie Gudith & Thornton Stansfield of Port Huron, by Joshura Stansfield, Minister..

Blood, George W., 25, St. Clair, 2 September 1848 at St. Clair, to Jane Nofs, Moore, wit; Marcus Minton & Margaret Martin of St. Clair, by O.C. Thompson, Minister.

Bolton, Thomas, 26, Mooretown, C.W., 21 May 1859 at Port Huron, to Elizabeth Baxter, 17, Mooretown., C.W., wit; H.N. Reed of Port Huron & Sarah Lang of Port Huron, by Seth Reed, Minister.

Booth, David C., 19, r-Cottrelville, b-Sombra, ON, Laborer, f-Peter Booth, m-Elenor McQuarrie, 25 September 1896, to Martha Pollock, 18, r-China Twp., MI, b-Sombra, ON, f-James Pollock, m-Eliza Burrows, wit; Joseph Anderson of Marysville & Belle Pollock of China Twp., by E.G. Booth, Elder of Daniel's Band.

Booth, Fanny F.- A. McDonald

Booth, John W., 32, r-Port Lambton, ON, b-Sombra, ON, Sailor, f-George Booth, pm-once, 12 January 1889 at Port Huron, to Edie A. Heath, 16, r-Port Lambton, b-Mt. Clemens, f-William R. Heath, m-Bessie McQueen, m-once, wit; Wm. R. Heath, Mt Clemens & Mrs. S.R. Beman, Port Huron, by S.A. Beman, Minister.

Booth, Joseph, 22, Enniskillen Twp., C.W., 20 August 1849 at St. Clair, to Sarah Jinner, 18, Sombra, C.W., wit; Maria C. Miles & B.W. Jenks, by Marcus Miles, J.P.

Booth, Mary Ann - George Henshaw

Boothe, Margaret - William Wood

Bowen, Frances - James Hargrove

Bowman, Alice L.- William H. Cheet

Bowman, Alonzo, Dunnville, C.W., 26 December 1866, to Anna Saunders, Port Huron, wit; John Saunders & Mary Saunders, by I. Donnelly, Jr., Pastor of Baptist Church.

Bowman, Eliza J. - Jannis B. Popplewell

Boya, Lydia - William Sharp

Boyd, Mary - William Porter

Boyington, William F., 60, r-Lambton Co., ON, b-Canada, f-Andrew Boyington, m-Julia Welch, 6 May 1896 at Port Huron, to Jane Miller, 54, r-Petrolia, ON, b-Canada, f- ?? Morrison, pm-once, wit; Mrs. J.B. Vail & Harry Beamer of Port Huron, by A. Beamer, Minister.

Brace, Alexander, 30, r-Fort Gratiot, MI, b-Detroit, MI, laborer, f-Champion Brace, m-Elizabeth Brace, 14 February 1893 at Port Huron, to Margaret E. CARR, 17, r-Watford, ON, b-Canada, f-John Carr, wit; George Rogers of Port Huron & Clara Brace of Fort Gratiot, by Joshura Stansfield, Minister.

Bradley, Ellen - Henry Garner

Brady, Charles, 23, Wyoming, Canada, 15 August 1867 at Port Huron, to Rhoda Shaw, 25, Southwold, Canada, wit; A.E. F--het & Grace Stowe of Port Huron, by Rev. William Stowe, Grace Church.

BRAYOUT, George, 67, r-Sarnia, ON, b-England, sailor, f-George Brayout, m-Mary A. Cox, pm-once, 25 October 1889 at Port Huron, to Mary A. Newberry, 29, r-Sarnia, b-United States, f-Hartwell Newberry, pm-once, wit; Charles Stewart and wife of Port Huron, by Thomas A. Scott, Minister.

Brazell, Lalina - Charles Hager

Brennan, Emma - John K. Cameron

Brick, William, 25, Moore, C.W., 3 July 1861 at Port Huron, to Matilda E. Freeman, 15, Port Huron, wit; James Montross & Larned Malby, by Asa Larned, J.P.

Bridges, William, 22, Plympton, 10 May 1853, to Ann Barker, 22, Plympton, wit; Joseph Harvey & Susannah Barker of Plympton, by G.B. Eagle, Minister.

Bright, Thos. Stephen, 28, formerly of Canada West, 28 October 1858, to Eliza Jane Taylor, 22, wit; Thos. Taylor & Lorinda Bright, by Joseph H. Marsh, J.P.

Brightwell, Thirza - John Courtney

Brock, Alice - William Mowbray

Brock, Joseph Lett, 45, C.W., 22 January 1861 at Port Huron, to Jane Nesbet, 25, Sarnia, C.W., wit; Arthur Delamage & Henry Lucas, by Asa Larned, J.P.

Brooker, Nellie - John D. Simons

Brown, Charles, 24, Sombra, C.W., 11 November 1850 at Cottrellville, to Mary Nickolls, 23, Sombra, wit; Henry Brown & Mark R. Nickolls of C.W., by D.D. Odell, J.P.

Brown, Dave, 27, Buffalo, NY, 6 June 1867 at Port Huron, to Sarah Leggett, 23, Wyoming, Canada, wit; A. Weston & Margaret Weston of Wyoming, C.W., by Harmon L. Stephens, J.P.

Brown, Edward, Port Sarnia, C.W., 16 November 1865, to Agnes Cook, Port Sarnia, C.W., wit; Mary Ann Marshall & A. Delmage, by J. Donnelly, Jr. Bapt.

Brown, Harmon, 25, Sombra, 29 December 1857 at Clay Twp., to Ursula Irans, 18, Algonac, wit; N.C. Kendal of Algonac & Daniel Brueun of Sombra, by A. P. Stewart, J.P.

Brown, John J., 26, Moore, CW, 25 September 1850, to Ann McLaughlin, Moore, wit; William Cameron & Catherine Cameron, by W.H. Miles, J.P.

Brown, Neil, 21, Sombra, C.W., 13 December 1857 at Cottreville, to Mary Battie, 19, Sombra, C.W., wit; Elizabeth Battie and James Battie of Sombra, C.W., by D. Cottrell, J.P.

Brown, Rachel - Alfred Short

Brown, Samuel, 49, r-Point Edward, ON, b-Ireland, laborer, f-John Brown, m-Eliza Copeland, m-twice, 23 September 1891 at Port Huron, Catherine Price, 49, r-Sarnia, ON, b-Ireland, f-Willian Harris, m-Margaret Ward, m-once, wit; Shibley Shepard of Sarnia, by S.A. Beman, Minister.

Brown, Sarah - John Price

Brown, William, 35, r-Mooretown, ON, b-ON, miller, f-William Brown, m-Phoebe Fletcher, m-once, 25 September 1889 at Port Huron, to Priscillia Telford, 38, r-Port Huron, b-Canada, f-Thomas Robinson, m-once, wit; W.W. Cruise of Port Huron & Polly Leckie of Moore Twp., ON, by Jacob Horton, Minister.

Bryce, Hugh, 28, Warwick, C.W., 24 January 1851 at Port Huron, to Mary F. McDonell, 25, Warwick, wit; David Calvord & James Harrower, by G.B. Eagle, Minister.

Bryce, Warren, 19, Port Sarnia, UC, 15 October 1847, to Millissent WILSON, 23, Port Sarnia, wit; Simeon B. Brown & J.W. Bryce, by E.S. Crop, J.P.

Buchanan, Catherine - John Clark

Buchanan, Walter B., 26, r-Sarnia, ON, b-Canada, expressman, f-Walter Buchanan, m-Matilda Millard, 7 February 1895 at Port Huron, to Ethel May Murray, 20, r-Stratford, ON, b-Canada, tailoress, f-John Murray, wit; William Ross & Sarah Ross of Sarnia, by D.H. Cooper, Minister of Baptist Church.

Buckeridge, Edward, 23, sailor, Port Huron, b-Southwold, C.W., 5 December 1868 to Phebe Hillman, 21, Port Huron, b-C.W., wit; Phebe Ann Maynard & Euva Holt of Burtchville, by John Holt, J.P.

Buel, Nathaniel, 23, Lexington, 13 August 1858 at Port Huron, Margaret Wes, 19, Plympton, C.W., wit; Dr. A.E. Fetchet & Mrs Fetchet, by M. Hickey, Minister.

Bunviner, Rose - George W. Jones

Burdett, Elizabeth - Livingston Foster

Burley, Albert A., 28, r-Thedford, ON, b-Canada, laborer, f-William Burley, m-Sarah Burley, 19 June 1895 at Port Huron, to Emily S. Hands, 21, r-Thedford, ON, b-England, domestic, f-John Hands, wit; J.A. Aldrick and wife of Thedford, by D.H. Goodwillie, Minister.

Burma, Hannah - Henry Temple

Burnham, Eliza - George Blaker

Burnham, Herrick J., 26, Sombra, C.W., 26 October 1853 at St. Clair, to Jane Rollinson, 21, Cottreville, wit; W.J. & J.S. Burnham, by J.H Burnham, Minister.

Burnham, Laura Elizabeth - Charles S. McDonell

Burns, Liza - Charles Kelch

Buroughs, Harriet - Edward Armstrong

Burr, Reuben, Moore C.W., 6 January 1859 at Port Huron, to Sarah Ann Kilgour, Moore, C.W., wit; M.A. Hoyt & N.E. Osborn, by Rev. J.L. Hoyt, Cong. Minister.

Bury, Martha - Abraham Smith

Bury, Mary - Martin Swain

Butler, Annie - Walter Goodall

Butler, Mary - George Hawn

Cadman, Thomas, Sombra, 4 August 1849 at Clay Twp., to Sarah Stewart, Sombra, wit; Francis Winters & Sarah Jane Hill, by John K. Smith, J.P.

Cadotte, Francis, 23, Sombra, C.W., 18 May 1839, to Sophia Anderson, 18 wit; Anthony Laborder & Florey Laborder of Sombra, by John P. Phillips, J.P.

Caleart, Elizabeth - Robert H. White

Calaghan, John A., 25, Warwick, C.W., 1 August 1853, to Catherine Kenny, 20, Warwick, wit; James O'Brien & Johanna Kenny of Warwick, by L. Kilroy, Catholic.

Callum, Alexander, 27, Moore, C.W., 7 March 1839, to Elizabeth Wood, 16, Moore, C.W., wit; Donald Callum & Nelson George of Moore, by O.C. Thompson, Minister.

Cameron, Aleanor - Duncan Cameron

Cameron, Allen, 23, Sarnia, C.W., 13 December 1866 at Port Huron, to Charlotte Howard, 18, Sarnia, C.W., wit; Alexander Cameron & Euphemia Taylor of Sarnia, by J.S. Hoyt, Minister.

Cameron, Belle - William Steel

Cameron, Duncan, 23, Sombra, 13 May 1852, to Aleanor Cameron, 18, Sombra, wit; David Ailman of Sombra & Margaret Van Allen of Dawn, C.W., by D. Cottrell, J.P.

Cameron, James, 25, Houghton, C.W., 19 November 1865, to Cynthia M. Allen, 21, Wales, wit; John Dunning & Addia Allen, by Geo. Wilson, Minister.

Cameron, John, Sarnia, C.W., 12 May 1865 at Parsonage in Port Huron, to Isabella Foster, Sarnia, C.W., wit; Allen Cameron, by J.S. Hoyt, Cong.

Cameron, John K., 30, r-Petrolia, ON, b-Canada, engineer, f-Duncan Cameron, m-Mary Kelley, 20 October 1890 at Port Huron, to Emma Brennan, 20, r-Petrolia, b-Canada, f-Michael Brennan, m-Belle Talbert, wit; Birdie McEldowney & Kate McEldowney of Port Huron, by John McEldowney, Minister.

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