War Diary

War Diary



Ships Attacked
NERISSA (Torpedoed 30/4)

(British 5583 tons, independently Halifax for Liverpool) Request you will sail RESTIVE and TENACITY to assist NERISSA torpedoed in 56 deg. 08′ N., 10 deg. 27′ W. at 2230/30. (F.O.I.C., G., Greenock 0004/1 to N.O.I.C. Londonderry)

NERISSA sunk am picking up survivors in 056 deg. 15′ N., 010 deg 20′ W., (VETERAN, 0813/1 to C. in C., W.A.)

90 survivors ex NERISSA five hospital cases. E.T.A. Lough Foyle 1600. Request survivors may be moved to allow me to catch O.B. 316. (VETERAN 0940/1 to C. in C W.A.)

If possible transfer survivors to LINCOLN and then proceed in execution of previous orders. (C. in C., W.A. 0954/1 to VETERAN) Your 0954 LINCOLN reports 17 hours from me. Have two cot cases and require to top up. Consider most expedient course as in my 0940. Request approval. (VETERAN 1204/1 to C. in C., W.A.)

Your 1204/1. Approved, as intended.

(C. in C., W.A., 1402/1 to VETERAN)