Corporal Francis Gordon Harrison

Corporal Francis Gordon Harrison

L25614 Canadian Army Corps of Military Staff Clerks


My brother Gordon was born in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, May 11, 1919 to Harry and Emma Harrison. Our family consisted of Iris, 3 years older than Gordon, Gordon, Megan, and myself, Sheila. Gordon was 9 years older than me. Most of our life was spent in Regina. Gordon was very involved in the activities of St. Peter’s Anglican Church where he was a ‘server’, and also took part in many concerts and fairs that took place at the church. Gordon was the valedictorian on graduating from Balfour Collegiate in Regina. He was working for the Canada Colonization Assn. when he enlisted in 1940.

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He was an excellent pianist, and I recall many evenings in our home with guests around the piano having a great sing-song. Our dad was Welsh and a great lover of music, with a rich voice.

Gordon was a wonderful big brother, and would pay Megan and I to wash his ‘pride and joy’, a new 1939 Ford car.

I sadly remember the day we received the news that he was missing at sea. He was the only boy, and the memory of that day and how it affected my parents is hard to forget.

My older sister Iris and Gordon were so very close. She worked with him at army headquarters when the war began. In 1943 she named her newborn son after him.

Sheila received the following letter from The Honourable Sidney J. Walker, C.D. Q.C. on July 13, 2003:

Gordon and I were good friends. That friendship was born upon and enhanced by the crossing of our paths at St. Peter’s Church, Balfour Technical School, and the army. Our relationship was, in result, very special.

My recollection indicates that I have few matters to add to the great and good story of Gordon. The rest have been dealt with by others, and well dealt with.

Gordon and I was the subject of a great deal of comparison by me. He was the better student at Balfour. He rated high in everything he studied or undertook. He came away with good marks and an excellent reputation in extra curricular activities. He started early on with a paper route at a very young age. I helped him with this on occasion, but it was his route. He got an excellent clerical position following graduation from Balfour. He drove a new car, which I could only dream about.

In the army Gordon and I worked in the same group. Actually it was, toward the final decision, a question of which one of us would go overseas. We discussed it one evening, and senior people were so advised.

I enjoyed your letter. I enjoyed opening the book after all these years. I enjoyed the memory of a fine young gentleman.

Sidney J. Walker.


Harrison Lake northwest of Patterson Lake, northern Saskatchewan (74F14) 57 49 109 28.

Gordon’s body washed ashore in Co. Sligo, Ireland and he is buried in Easky Roslea Cemetery.

Family Contacts:

Sheila Hewson, sister.